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    East Tennessee

    Any other polys in the area? We are in Knoxville and looking to meet the right girl or just chat with other poly's and ask questions as we are new to the concept and really excited about the way this has expanded our relationship (which was amazing to begin with). We would love to hear from others!😃
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    Taking a step back

    Hi folks, Honeysuckle rose here (F38,bi) i was on a few weeks ago asking about whether to tell my best friend that my husband and I were in love with her. You guys gave such amazing and thoughtful replies, so I thought it was time for an introduction. My husband, Jay(40 straight) and I have been...
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    East Tennessee anyone?

    Hi, any triads in or around the Knoxville area...we would love to meet others and possibly develop a family support group.
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    How/when to have the conversation?

    First, I'd like to say how excited I am to have found this place and the level of kindness and respect here is so inspiring. Anyway...the rundown is 37 yr old bi female, married for 8 yrs to jay..40 yr old straight male, and bri, 23 yr old straight -ish female whom Jay and I have...