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  1. NovemberRain

    advice? Friend interested, I'm not.

    Hi all, Been awhile. For those following my story, one bf has been kind of nice; I stepped back from my stupid job (was a manager, now I'm not; still over-worked, but no bone-crushing responsibility). So, there's a lovely woman at work. When I first got there, we became friends, it was clear...
  2. NovemberRain

    why we're with who (BG from another thread)

    Hi! BoringGuy said this and it got me thinking. (didn't want to hijack the other thread) I have been thinking on this. FBF and I don't deeply share many interests. We're generally interested in lots of things. He's very into gaming, and video in particular; and science, and the desert...
  3. NovemberRain

    excellent article on polynormativity

    I found this to be a fascinating and articulate discussion:
  4. NovemberRain

    shipping - seems about right for poly I had no idea. That it had a name, I mean. :)
  5. NovemberRain

    holiday - vee - ackkkkk

    So. Every year, CBF's family does this huge xmas eve deal with another family. They've been having the same meal for a generation now, and there's new little ones in the tradition. Same fabulous meal year after year. (his mom is a gourmet cook) I've been going to it since we started dating...
  6. NovemberRain

    poly in the news - yay

    I had the great pleasure of getting to see her amazing-fucking-self in SF for my birthday two months ago. and it just gets better:
  7. NovemberRain

    zombie break ups

    Thought y'all might like this:
  8. NovemberRain

    Why so few Californians?

    Is it because we can pretty much walk the streets and meet people? It seems to me that I see very few posts seeking others in their own California towns....
  9. NovemberRain

    I own my own vagina

    I was reading the thread about the guy from MadMen discussing non-monogamy. The comment came up about owning one's own vagina, and it made me think of this, and I thought y'all might enjoy it. Definitely NSFW, but fun. My Vagina Is Eight Miles Wide:
  10. NovemberRain

    Happy May Day, everyone~! My favorite version of Jonathan Coulton's First of May. (see if you can spot the poly lyric)
  11. NovemberRain

    I wanna live happily ever after, there The town of 'Fucking' is fucking tired of tourists stealing their signs. :D
  12. NovemberRain

    Love Languages - touch

    hi all, I was reading on another thread that opalescent's partner had to learn that touching as much as she wanted was sometimes irritating. And it hits home. Hard. So, I'm wondering about anyone else's experiences with mis-matching desires for touch? Do you think relationships can go long...
  13. NovemberRain

    remapping game control buttons

    This is a really cute video, for a terrific idea. I am not a gamer, but many people with my dumb genetic condition are; and this would really help them. I know we have more than a few gamers here, so I thought I'd share.
  14. NovemberRain

    new movie about sex and the evangelical churches

    A friend of mine posted this, and I thought of my poly friends. It's actually just a tease for a movie (it's a fundraising pitch), but the trailer is interesting enough to post, I thought.
  15. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    hi y'all, :D So, it looks like I've given myself a good case of the crazies. You people don't seem crazy to me; and pretty accepting. I think it might help to write this out. And it wouldn't hurt if it happens to get read. I wrote an intro in that section. Re-cap: I am female, barely...
  16. NovemberRain

    Howdy. Apparently, I have two boyfriends.

    :D I am just so happy to be somewhere I can say that out loud. (okay, virtually out loud) I do live in California, so it's not the strangest notion ever. And I read Stranger In A Strange Land before I was twelve, so it's not like poly is a new concept to *me*. I'm a little surprised that I'm...