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  1. Marcus

    Polylove (2019)

    You guys may have already discussed this one but I didn't find it in a search. Polylove (2019) is a short documentary currently on Amazon (free if you have a Prime membership). I watched it ready to cringe but in all honesty it was a pretty fair representation of the concept of polyamory and...
  2. Marcus

    Semantics / Language is Fluid

    /rant Discussion boards on the internet are a great place to vet out ideas, challenge thought processes, learn from our fellow man, and a great place to become infuriated with the entire species. On boards like this, communication is put to the test in every post because we are at a severe...
  3. Marcus

    Metamour Visit

    So PT (IVs boyfriend from Georgia) and his wife CT came to Texas to visit IV for about a week. I've met PT before and he is a really sweet guy, kind of goofy and super easy to get along with. CT was much the same, though she had a bit more of a cynical edge to her which didn't hurt her chances...
  4. Marcus

    New to Living Poly

    Three weeks ago I took the plunge and moved to FW with IV and CV. The three of us got an apartment together. IV is my first fully independent poly relationship and this is my first time living as a "v". Dating IV for a year and having interacted with CV a number of times, we figured it was...
  5. Marcus


    Marcus here, I've known for a number of years that traditional monogamy was not for me. It is only in the past year or so that I have come to identify myself as poly. I recently (4 months or so) started dating a poly girl who is a treasure. Her view on relationships is so open/honest/mature...