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  1. RfromRMC

    Raleigh NC: Intro to Polyamory discussion

    Research Triangle Area Polyamory will host an open discussion panel, "Polyamory & Ethical Nonmonogamy: An Introduction" on January 30 at 7:30pm at the Raleigh LGBT Center. (411 Hillsborough Street, downtown Raleigh). Info can be found here...
  2. RfromRMC

    for fun: Happy Polyween

    Ladies & Gentleman, I give you a poly family of Jack O'Lanterns! Happy Halloween! ;)
  3. RfromRMC

    Raleigh & Greensboro, NC: "Polyween" Parties

    It's October! Woo hoo. Time to start thinking of Halloween. If you're in either the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro/WinstonSalem) metro or Research Triangle (Raleigh/Durham) metro areas of NC and you haven't joined our local Polyamory groups, you don't know what you're missing! To celebrate a...
  4. RfromRMC

    Poly Table at NC (LGBT) Pride

    NC Pride is the main LGBT festival for the state of North Carolina, held every fall in Durham. This year it is September 29th. For the first time, we will have a POLY Table there! If you or anyone who know is going, take a moment and look for us amongst the vendors. Love to have ya say HI! :D
  5. RfromRMC

    Poly Party Weekend 2012

    Most of y'all probably know about it. check it out and see if there's one near you! :cool:
  6. RfromRMC

    Piedmont Region of NC Poly group

    The Piedmont Triad regional Polyamory Meetup (formerly Greensboro Polyamory) is in need of a new permanent organizer. Anyone in that area of North Carolina who would like to step in and organize it, please take a look. I'm in Raleigh and a co-organizer of the...
  7. RfromRMC

    Just call me Rob M or C anymore

    Hello. Been a long time since I've been here. My triad split back in early Summer. I've been adjusting to single life since then and haven't been here. I apologize for that. Going from two partners to zero overnight has been an adjustment, but I'm trying to move on. I'm now casually dating a...
  8. RfromRMC

    When 2 of Triad (or more) have a conflict

    My two partners are both a tad stubborn from time to time, and have hot tempers. As you can imagine, there are arguments and fights. No huge thing...just typical in come pairings, except they take a bit of time to kiss & make up. For those in similar situations, what's the good role of a...
  9. RfromRMC

    Lurker turned into member

    Hello. Been reading for months but now I think I should join...seeing as now I think I've finally gotten enough experience in polyamory to know how to talk about it. ;) I'm "R" and in a MMM polyfidelitous triad with my partners M and C. (Thus my name, RfromRMC.) We have been together...