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  1. BathedInSalt

    One Mistake at a Time

    ThirtySeven My birthday was two days ago. I'd been thinking for a month or so that I needed to give some time to this board. Things over the last 5 months have been good. The schedule I described in my last post is pretty much the same, one of my kiddos started soccer so we swapped nights to...
  2. BathedInSalt

    Bi gf wants to open up for her to be with girls

    What have the last 6 years been like for the two of you? Is she just now realizing her attraction to women? Maybe her asking for the permission to explore this could be taken as a testament to the stable relationship she has with you? I suggest taking this one step at a time and slowly...
  3. BathedInSalt

    help me make sense of this

    The responses to this post really stuck with me. Especially the snakes deal. I don't think it was much later after this that I started my adventure in mood stabilizers. I'm on something now since last July that has really changed my life. This OP is almost embarrassing bc it's so everywhere...
  4. BathedInSalt

    Hi! Bit overwhelmed at the moment.

    I am not the least bit surprised that you are having difficult feelings about your husband dating a co-worker and during this phase of your life. I can understand why you feel selfish, but disagree that you should feel that way. Be much kinder to yourself. I know that's a tall order. I too am...
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    One Mistake at a Time

    Dec.2018 My life looks like this right now: Dating Sir for 14mths now, I spend Tuesdays at his place, he spends thursdays at mine with my nuclear family, none of my V are dating, I spend 1-2 weekends a month at Sir's, he doesn't stay over at my place anymore bc his dog very strongly wants to...
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    One Mistake at a Time

    Thank you for the commiseration. I intend to copy and paste and I'll look at the member login. It's not something that has happened before, so I suppose it has gotten unchecked. It's totally my fault for not copying for safety. Gonna try to get back to it today. I wanna catch you up! I almost...
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    One Mistake at a Time

    I just spent an hour updating my blog and the site logged me out during that time and I lost everything. :(:(:(:mad:
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    Looking for posts about breakups due to metamour relations

    Nicer than I ever knew. It's like I live my life in the feeling of a good snuggle.
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    Help Me Get Ahold of My Sanity!

    I can't see much to add to the above posts, except that the work you are doing right now is good work. You are asking yourself important questions and communicating with your partner. No matter how things shake out, you will grow. Take time to breathe. There's no deadline for your decisions...
  10. BathedInSalt

    New poly, looking for advice

    Welcome to the forum. There are many, many, many articles to search here, but I also recommend the book More than Two (they have a website too I have been known to watch vlogs on youtube from poly amorous people just to spark my own inner dialogue because we all do it...
  11. BathedInSalt

    Looking for posts about breakups due to metamour relations

    I can't recall the timeline, but there was another event where I was seriously considering ending things with Sir bc of Grace and I didn't then either. I stayed the course, adjusting interactions with Grace and trusting Sir. About a year after the original incident Sir broke up with Grace...
  12. BathedInSalt

    Am I in the wrong? it's titled "kinky, poly and trouble sharing" I'd also like to mention that for me sharing Daddy has very little with the actual words being used. So, a solution like using different words won't work and ( this is my...
  13. BathedInSalt

    Am I in the wrong?

    I posted a thread from a position similar to Girlfriend. I'll find it and try to link it here. I remember the thread may have gotten away from me and my OP, but there is stuff to glean from it that might help with perspective. At the end of the day I realized that it was on me to confront and...
  14. BathedInSalt

    Why lie about my marriage?

    @GalaGirl: You have everything right, except my kids haven't been around Sir's family. I've only ever been around His parents once, for a short amount of time. "But there you do have a "place of recognition" as the wife. You came to realize it didn't feel entirely ethical to you, but you did...
  15. BathedInSalt

    Why lie about my marriage?

    Having the kids lie was never a consideration. If Sir and I aren't out poly, then the kids don't go to the parents. It's not unusual to split up holidays or even do non-traditional things for the holidays, but I haven't even gotten that far in the planning b/c 1. It's not actually happening and...
  16. BathedInSalt

    Why lie about my marriage?

    This is rambling, because I'm still working it out myself. This is my first attempt at organizing my thoughts. THE SITUATION: Sir's parents invited me over for Thanksgiving. (I love that they did this.) His dad knows that He is poly, but doesn't know He continues to live that way His dad knows...
  17. BathedInSalt

    Needing some poly tangle advice

    I recently had the experience of ending an unhealthy relationship with someone I had been involved with for 11 years. I came to realize that I put up with things from that partner that I wouldn’t have with any other partner. It was as if I had learned healthier behaviors but couldn’t apply them...
  18. BathedInSalt

    Needing some poly tangle advice

    I have thoughts. Short of my shared partner or my metamour being the victim of abuse (emotional, verbal, physical) then not only shouldn’t you get involved, but it’s not a requirement. Support to a degree can be helpful to our metamours, but this level, perhaps more this subject matter is...
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    One Mistake at a Time

    Where I’m at with dating. In a thread I found these great questions lunabunny posted. I’ve been going over the issue of dating with my main partners lately. Laying out expectations and just generally making sure we are all transparent with one another. - WHAT do you really want from life and...
  20. BathedInSalt

    Are there any books or articles you would recommend reading? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have...

    Are there any books or articles you would recommend reading? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to end my dynamic and I would love to be prepared for that. What you were saying about trauma and trauma based rituals rings true. Thank you for your thoughtful reply.