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    Is it too late?

    The breakup happened over a year ago. The emotional crisis should be past and all parties should be well on their way toward healing, if not there already. But that's not what's happening. I think there's are different issues in play here. My advice is to ask your gut, your bf and his wife...
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    Husband and Wife looking for a female friend in Southeast Texas

    Best of luck in your quest Hey Southeast! Heart of Texas here. Like smackdab in the heart of Texas. I'd say let's meet up for coffee, but I'll bet we're a tad far apart. So I'll just wish you the best of luck from right here where I am.
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    Hello again

    Hello, friends and friends I haven't met yet: I've been MIA from the boards for a rather long time. When I joined, lo these many years ago now, I was a was nervous wife looking for a way forward with my Beloved Husband, who was also deeply smitten with my friend. With love, care and...
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    Another thing to consider . . . DaJaye74, First: thank you for your service. Next: you're already getting good counsel on the relationship front, soI'm going to offer some advice from my experience as the spouse of a disabled veteran and PTSD patient. Collect as many as your medical...
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    Greetings from the Fidelia!

    Thanks, y'all. I sincerely appreciate the kind thoughts and well wishes. YouAreHere, sorry to hear your fam has marched through the valley of cancer so often! I'm searching everywhere for a cure. Seriously. I intend to find a cure for cancer. (Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like a mighty...
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    Redpepper's journey

    Sending you love, red. That's all. Just love.
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    Greetings from the Fidelia!

    Hey y'all! Long time, eh? I've been missing this cyber-hood, and wanted to stop in and say so. Hi! Miss y'all! I know I certainly haven't been as active here as I once was. Honestly, I haven't had any extra time. Fidelio (my primary, my hubba-hubby, my hunka hunka burnin' love) had been...
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    Thank you for contacting me, fleurisseur, and thank you very much for your interest. I am not...

    Thank you for contacting me, fleurisseur, and thank you very much for your interest. I am not available at this time, nor will I be for the foreseeable future. My husband is very ill and as I am his primary caregiver, I have no time for meeting new people. Perhaps when his health is regained ...
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    The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

    Hey. Long time, eh? Greetings, Friends and Loved ones.
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    Would like advice from other married women

    Hi, RS: You've been given some very good advice and I hope you'll take it to heart, but I would like to add my advice as another married woman whose husband wanted to try poly. Trying polyamory very nearly destroyed our very strong, very stable marriage of 15+ years. I urge you in the...
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    is there a better word?

    Greetings, Friends: I've only read the first couple of pages of this thread. I hope I may throw in a couple of suggestions. If you don't care for the terms primary and secondary, perhaps one or more of these may fit better. For those who are married: husband, wife. For lovers to whom you...
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    Husband crossed boundary and now I'm hurt and don't know what to do

    There are several issues to be addressed here, all of which seem to stem from lack of trust and communication. If you had rock-solid confidence that your partner was respecting your boundaries, you would not have felt the impulse to snoop. If he had rock-solid confidence that he could trust...
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    I was just outed involuntarily 5 weeks before my wedding

    Wow. What a rotten turn of events. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I can certainly see how you would be shocked and appalled by all this. There's just not a solution here that's clean, quick and painless, at least not that I can see. That being said, here's what I would do: proceed...
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    Loving Radiance, BrainFreezy, et al: I am thoroughly delighted that you have read/are reading Divine Sex and finding it useful. :D It really opened my eyes to the discrepancies between what the Bible actually says and what Christian religious tradition teaches, among other things. I was so...
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    What does a mono husband do about his daughter's discovery of her mothers poly?

    Magdlyn: I had absolutely no offense intended toward anyone, certainly not toward you personally. I hope you know I think you rock. In my last post, I was just calling it like I saw it. I’m not always right, but I am always honest. If dingedheart wants and needs to know about the power and...
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    What does a mono husband do about his daughter's discovery of her mothers poly?

    The cause of the wife's behaviour is not dingedheart's stated concern. Helping his children (specifically his daughter) deal with the damage caused by that behavior is his concern. Whether the images are Photoshopped collages, she was forced into posing by a horde of alien Pygmies, or she paid...
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    Polyamory and Christianity

    I've read it LR, a couple of years ago when I was first researching the concept of polyamory. I found it to be extremely interesting and eye-opening, particularly the examination of the discrepancies between Scripture actually says and church traditions that have grown up around Mankind's...
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    Humbled & Enlightened

    Hi, SallyJay. Welcome. Sorry you're hitting some rough patches. Sounds like things were looking promising for a while. But in all fairness, if the relationships y'all had mutally agreed to pursue were based on swinging, where the emphasis, generally speaking, is on sex and not on emotional...
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    Mirror Mirror

    You're very welcome! Glad to be of service. If I may offer one more observation: Can you see that you are creating these situations? If you know that the outcome is going to be undesirable (judgement and disapproval) why are you continuing to bring it up? If you want to change the outcome...
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    PTSD and non-monogamy

    You have a PM.