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  1. mirrormelovely

    Unconditional Love

    True true! I LOVE this book. I have thought about picking it back up again as it's been maybe 12 years since I last read it! Agreed...great book on revealing the core of unconditional love.
  2. mirrormelovely

    the story of a secondary

    Hi Annabel, I believe you should tell him exactly what you think you should tell him but don't over think it. You already received Gia's assertion that he would be fine with you telling him how you feel, so just go for it. There can never be too much love! And in this situation...
  3. mirrormelovely

    A smile and a hello :)

    I feel warm and cozy and safe in here. Thanks Tonberry, eklctc and OneUncagedBird. :)
  4. mirrormelovely

    Somegeezer's Blog Of Life

    Eee, me too! Haha TruckerPete...I must admit to doing this too. My goodness...:o
  5. mirrormelovely

    A smile and a hello :)

    Thanks Thank you for the welcomes. I have already seen evidence of some really great people on here. I cannot wait to learn and read and share more.
  6. mirrormelovely

    Could use a little guidance :)

    Thank you! Thank you all so much for your responses. This type of forum is exactly what I feel like I need right now to help me process. And I have really good news. I told my partner last night that I joined this forum. He, of course, knew in advance that I was considering this, we just hadn't...
  7. mirrormelovely

    Could use a little guidance :)

    Hi everyone, I just joined this group today after sifting through others for about a week and was just hoping for some words of wisdom from you all. I am a 30 year old bisexual woman who is in a wonderful mono relationship with likely the sweetest, most caring man in the universe :D So the...
  8. mirrormelovely

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    Mirrormelovely was my name on a dating site for awhile. I chose it because when I see that name it reminds me to remember that I am a lovely soul, inside and out...even on the days I don't feel it ;)
  9. mirrormelovely

    A smile and a hello :)

    Hi everyone, I am mirrormelovely. I just turned 30 years old (so happy about that too!), am a mommy of 2 awesome daughters and a partner to a wonderful mono man, "T." I was married to my girls father for 8 years and we were together for 11. We grew up together in a very conservative area of the...