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  1. rpcrazy

    Longevity of relationships

    You would have to take: Total of poly relationships(P) and total # of Mono relationship (M). Define long term as 10 year+ relationship, or whatever and extract. LT/P : LT/M. Compare difference, question answered
  2. rpcrazy

    can you overcome mono/poly differences?

    I used to not believe in I've transcended that idea and realized that it's not that love doesn't exist, it's just that most people don't really know what love actually is, compared to all the other aspects of relationships dynamics. In any case, I would suggest going over a few...
  3. rpcrazy

    Embarrassing problem.

    your brain controls your erection...if you're not fully there you won't get one. You can either be 1. too excited 2. too scared 3. too weirded 4. all of the above. I mean dude, i would be girl and you're like, "holy shit...i'm going to have sex with another women...WHAT THE F***!"...
  4. rpcrazy

    Gay, Bi-, Queer Poly Men Gather & Chat Here

    I'm bi but i'm a pro in any definition. i'm 26...i messed around with my best friend when were like 8 or 10 or something. I thought a few guys were cute in school but never did anything. I even knew a few gay guys but they were way too flamboyant for my taste. In college i learned that guys...
  5. rpcrazy

    can poly be controlled?

    phew, i haven't posted in a while... I'm gonna have to agree with groundedspirit on this one. I'm Poly but i'm in a monogamous relationship at the moment. However i'm still poly in that I believe in loving relationships with multiple people. It's something that is static, it never goes away...
  6. rpcrazy

    Las Vegas poly's looking for friends

    I actually live and work in vegas...I've love to make some new friends. pm me and we can exchange info
  7. rpcrazy

    Here to Introduce ourselves from Las Vegas

    this isn't a reply to your ad or anything but I've been down the "we want a third" path and I would just to extend my help as a local in vegas. I know of alot of the swinger joints you can go too, and can maybe provide some advice as to where you can go around town to meet other women who might...
  8. rpcrazy

    confused girlfriend

    what do you mean "the girlfriend". Did your boyfriend tell you he's Poly? Or did you drop the Poly bomb? or was it mutual? Also, what do you mean you don't want someone in your life full time? If you don't want a committed relationship, then you should make sure to tell the people you're in...
  9. rpcrazy

    Casual Sex - Discussion

    I don't like this negative tone. You can have casual sex without some deep seated psychology baggage or lack of virtue or something like that. I've had casual sex and had no less respect for the women before or after we were inside each other(lol). Subjective opinions like this should be...
  10. rpcrazy

    Coming Out...again?

    here's how I see it. Look(again) inside yourself and if this is what you want. If it is, have (more) talks with your husband about the polyamory idea, why're your comfortable with, why he feels the way he feels about it. Tell your husband who you're hanging out with out. Assure him that you...
  11. rpcrazy

    Feedback please! Can you convert back to being mono after discovering you are poly?

    i'm poly. But i'm in a monogamous relationship, and have no issues with it. Though the relationship itself has issues, nothing to do with poly vs. mono
  12. rpcrazy

    Am I odd?

    It's not odd to not want it. However, it also isn't as troublesome as some people seem to think it is. I've had several, and they can both be really fun, and really loving. The same exponential feelings you gain from having multiple lovers, is shared in making love with multiple lovers. It's...
  13. rpcrazy

    How do you label youself?

    dude, butterscotch ripple? Are you a fan of willy wonka rpepper? omg, you just gained like +5 awesome points.
  14. rpcrazy

    Casual Sex - Discussion

    ^^^as a bi guy...I can pretty much say that the whole, "you can f'ed and I do the f'ing" is pretty universal. It's way different when i'm getting f'ed versus when i'm doing the f'ing. Anyone who is versatile like knows what i'm talking about. Respect should be taken when you are the...
  15. rpcrazy

    Word Association Game!

  16. rpcrazy

    Diary of an Alcoholic, Non-Monogamous, Polyamorous Sex Addict

    I appreciate you making this blog immaterial. Some things you said about co-dependency hit home, as I've recently moved my g/f who got over a long-term relationship as well. Also, though I agree with mono in that sexual expression is individually defined; It isn't subjectively understood, it's...
  17. rpcrazy


    I pretty much want cuddlez from everyone I love, or have feelings for. It makes me sad because this is not the case. Sometimes when I connect with what people write on here I feel like if they were near me i would totally give them a hug. And not a whimpy hug, but a caring full hug attached...
  18. rpcrazy

    V, but my hinge is ... not... poly?

    just a quick addition compromise is necessary in certain situations. Like all aspects of life, and relationships, everything is basically situational
  19. rpcrazy

    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    i'm in las vegas...I have little hope. Everyone here is either a serial monogamous, a mormon, a part of some orthodox religious section, or just really conservative. I'm pretty convinced funny, smart, and attractive poly men and women don't actually exist around me(j/k). I suppose opening...