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  1. WildColonial

    Nesting partner wants to go back to monogamy

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. It sounded to me like she wants both of us to be monogamous again. She’s going to end her relationship with Mistress, and she wants me to end my relationships too.
  2. WildColonial

    Hello Everyone, I'm glad I found you

    You sound really cool. Welcome!
  3. WildColonial

    Nesting partner wants to go back to monogamy

    Starbucks and I had a long talk last night, and she told me that she doesn’t want to be poly anymore. She said she wasn’t expecting me to take to it as quickly as I did. She wants to postpone our wedding (again) and maybe not get married at all. I’m blindsided because I thought things were going...
  4. WildColonial

    What are you eating right now?

    Just finished some awesome vegetarian Buffalo wings (yes, they exist).
  5. WildColonial

    Female Self Confidence

    Very cool artwork. I used to be a certified nursing assistant doing home care, so I’ve seen a lot of people in various states of undress. Not a whole lot shocks me anymore, and beyond a lack of hygiene, not much grosses me out either. All of my partners are pre-op trans women, with varying...
  6. WildColonial

    "It's Called Polyamory" - New Book

    Looks like a good read!
  7. WildColonial

    Greetings from southeast asia

    I could go on a long political rant, but I’m going to save that for another venue. ;) Tell us more about yourself!
  8. WildColonial

    What are you drinking right now?

    That does sound good. Seattle’s Best coffee and Gold Peak unsweetened iced tea. I’ve been on jury duty this week and bored out of my skull waiting to get picked. I need lots of caffeine. I was tempted to get a Monster but refrained.
  9. WildColonial

    Greetings from southeast asia

    I’m in the U.S., but I wanted to welcome you anyway.
  10. WildColonial

    Recent Cosmopolitan Article

    Very encouraging indeed! I’m a huge fan of kitchen table poly (although we’re still too new to have much experience with it yet), and situations like the author’s are part of the reason why.
  11. WildColonial

    Poly-friendly Churches

    This is very well-written, Al. You’ve clearly done your research. Although I identify mostly as a secular humanist with some Buddhist leanings, I looked up the Metropolitan Community Church and was happy to see that there are congregations in Ohio (none in Cleveland, alas; the closest one is...
  12. WildColonial

    Age Gaps

    All of R and my partners are within the same age range, with the exception of M1, who is 10 1/2 years older than I am. It hasn’t caused any issues yet.
  13. WildColonial

    What makes a good romantic partner?

    1. Can make me laugh, especially at myself. 2. Calls me on my bullshit. 3. Has goals and dreams. 4. Intelligent. 5. Has interests and a life outside of our relationship. 6. Gives more than they take. Creative and kinky are big pluses.
  14. WildColonial

    "Time for the Church to Talk About Polyamory"

    This is absolutely brilliant. The Bible is mythology, full stop. Parts of it are valuable as literary (hello, Song of Songs) or philosophical texts, but it's still mythology. I would feel the same way even if I were still Christian.
  15. WildColonial

    What are you drinking right now?

    Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. Not sure if I like it or not.
  16. WildColonial

    New here

    Welcome! I think you'll find everyone very helpful!
  17. WildColonial

    Next chapter

    Hey, thanks for directing me to GirlfromTexlahoma's blog and your blog. I love reading about your relationship with Pixi, and I look forward to updates on Kahlo.
  18. WildColonial

    It's a Texlahoma Story

    Hey, I just started reading your blog on a recommendation from Magdlyn. I appreciate how honest you are, and I look forward to updates.
  19. WildColonial

    In the throes of lust, and feeling guilty

    I will definitely read both your blogs! Thank you!
  20. WildColonial

    Moments in Poly

    LOL! You know you're poly when your calendar (electronic or paper) is your BFF.