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    Word Association Game!

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    I have never really done much of anything but I have for a while been interested in the whole D/s, I did some very minor stuff with an ex of mine and found that I very much enjoyed being dominated.
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    10 Realistic rules for good non-monogamous relationships

    That was a good read thank you for bringing it back up :)
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    Where are you from ?

    Single male in Eldorado Arkansas...... At this point im not sure what I am looking for mostly just trying to figure all this out.
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    Word Association Game!

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    What you listening to Now :

    A Moment of Violence by Streetlight Manifesto
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    Completely new to this

    Ok so I have introduced on many other sites yet for some reason don't know what to say here. I guess I will just My name is Justin and Im 25 and single as to what Im hoping to find here im not sure. I have never really considered this life style until recently when a friend of mine...