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    I'm guessing no one's heard of any midlands-based events?
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a great day :)

    Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a great day :)
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    domination & humiliation

    I'd recommend - you can ask any question you like, and there is loads of information about anything you want to find out about. :)
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    Birmingham? Hi, does anyone know if there's anything going on in or around Birmingham? I went to Polyday in Bristol, which was great, but something a little closer would be awesome.
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    BDSM jewlry etc.

    No problem! Ooh there's also (Absolutely love their stuff!) Here's a list of about 20 sites (don't know how good they all are)
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    BDSM jewlry etc. - some beautiful silver jewellery on there :)
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    Polyday in Bristol

    So is no one else going then?
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    Polyday in Bristol

    Well if you do make it feel free to say hi :) - I have bright pink hair atm, not hard to spot me!
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    Polyday in Bristol

    Anyone else here going to Polyday? My boyfriend and I are going, along with a friend who's also poly. It's on the 20th November in Bristol from 12 til 5:30, followed by an evening of Cabaret etc. Here's the link to the page if anyone's interested :)
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    what? no uk peeps

    More UK peeps here! I'm living in Birmingham atm, and my boyfriend lives in Stafford. Anyone else here going to Polyday in Bristol on the 20th?