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    Brand new, figuring this out as we go along!

    Welcome to the forum! My partner and I started out our poly life with a triad. It was absolutely delightful. I wish you the best of luck! Rule number 1: give it time. If it's meant to be, then you have many decades to explore, change, and be comfortable with each other. If it's not meant...
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    Female Asexual married to Male Hypersexual: Hope poly bridges the gap

    Finding Myself, I agree with you that a lot of focus is being thrown at your terminology and very little on welcoming you or helping answer your questions about polyamory, how it might work for you, what challenges you might face and how we have overcome those challenges in the past. Many...
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    new to poly.

    I agree with Marcus on all points. My partner and I stumbled into a triad with a good friend of mine who, upon hearing that we were poly, asked if I was comfortable with her going out with my partner. It wasn't long before the three of us were spending almost all our time together, and found...
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    Dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder in a Poly Relationship

    Advice from a Polyamorous Male with BPD Hey, folks, I'd like to say that a lot of what it being said in this thread is pretty hurtful. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I was diagnosed when I was 15. I have been treated for it with standard behavioral treatments (i.e. talk therapy...
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    oops! wrong forum My bad. Should have gone in the "intros" forum. Please excuse my newbie-tude! - First of Three
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    Hello, folks! I'd like to thank you all for contributing to this forum. It's been a great resource for me as I've started exploring the awesome potential of polyamorous life! A little about me and my situation. I am a straight (potentially heteroflexible) man in my mid-twenties. I...