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    Searching for like-minded people and connection

    Hello, driving yourself mad is not that hard to do when walking through this kinda stuff alone but interested. We've not been in the lifestyle long but we have been chatting about it for over decade. We do not seek a female but there's nothing wrong with chatting and learning more from each...
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    Nervous hello!

    Welcome aboard, you've come to the right place. Curious as to what your daydreaming consists Is your husband seeking a fall to add to your relationship or a man for your pleasure? We live a hotwife kind of lifestyle. Stag vixen fits us right now but we seek a long term relationship with...
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    Looking for poly friends.

    We are a m/f couple and always open to meeting new folks. Feel free to pm us anytime. We are fairly new to all this but we're learning fast. Mistakes, yeah we've made a few but we are a strong couple who knows how to work out the kinks. Take care, JeffnTasha
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    Hello just registered,

    Welcome aboard. More info would be great. Catch ya on the boards, JeffnTasha
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    Off the grid couple, opening up.

    Welcome aboard, secluded in CO sounds great. You two are a beautiful couple. We hope you find what you seek. It's a difficult search but worth it. Take care, JeffnTasha
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    I agree with ktd...that's awesome.
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    I cheated on my partner. I don't know if I should leave

    Don't leave. Don't give up. We all make mistakes. What you did was not right but trying to punish yourself is not the answer. Your not a POS..your human. The fact your conscience drive you to tell him is good. Tough conversation is a must in this lifestyle as you know. I tell my wife..just say...
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    Searching for connection, community and understanding

    Welcome to the forum. My wife seeks connection when searching for a lover. Without that connection she looks at sex as unfulfilled desire. Sure there's times when a sudden flirtatious meeting happens and lust sex is desired but for a long term relationship lover she seeks that connection of...
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    Hello to all!

    Hello, welcome to the forum. We are new here as well but so far this forum has been great. Feel free to pm us anytime. We love to chat and meet new folks. Take care, JeffnTasha
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    Poly Community and Dating in Alabama (Tuscaloosa/Northport/Birmingham and surrounding areas)

    We are a straight couple (57m39f) seeking a long term relationship trio with a good man 30-60. We are near Fayette, Al. Not far from Tuscaloosa and half that distance from Columbus, MS. We are a solid couple of 12+yrs and would love to have a man committed to just our small trio. It has proven...
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    Any good apps/website for meet ups?

    I hope you do come back with a report in that site. We've been on aff a few months and we get tons of traffic but seeing the same guys all the time now. We've let the subscription laps and are now feeling around to find a new one. Excited to hear back from you.