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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    From the Tri State area with love My wife once shared with me that she's attracted to women and feels at peace in the company of other women. So I shared with her that I would be open to her having a gf on the side. She liked the idea and wondered what would be wrong about having a family of 2...
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    Looking for a latina female that wants a family to join

    We are a married couple. Bisexual wife wants to find a sister wife to share our love with NJ, NY, PA, PR, Brazil
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    Young couple married 6 years going strong no kids yet. NJ, PA, NY looking for a 3rd

    Hey, this is Will and Dawn. We have been married 6 years going strong. So strong that we have decided to look for a 3rd partner or sister wife if you would. We are both very business minded and socially coscious. We want to build an empire. She has her own passions and goals with her music...