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    What did you do today that made you smile?

    Recently joined OKC and met some fellow Poly people from all over. Feels great to know we are not alone. IThink
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    Accidental poly vee...

    My wife and I lived with our third in just your situation for ~5 years and it was glorious and wonderful. We all lived in the same rural yard and spent as much time together as possible. Eventually he met and fell in love with a woman that was adamantly mono and he was forced to choose. We told...
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    Need Some Advice...

    First of all let me be clear that I am not judging you in any way with any of my comments. They are just observations from a viewpoint....mine. Asking someone to consider a concept when there is no emotional involvement on their part, in a calm, quiet, detached and friendly spirit of "Let's...
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    Finally living it :)

    Welcome aboard Eirien. Here is some suncreen and a life will likely need them both. :) IThink
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    Mirror Mirror

    I agree with you and think there IS Polyphobia out there. Two things that burn my butt are: 1. People that automatically think Polygamous when you say Polyamory and IMMEDIATELY go down that path of "I think it's sick that a 65 year old man should have (insert number here) 14 year old girls as...
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    sex and its status

    Myzka, I stand corrected and I assure you I will hunt down the cad that misinformed me and punish her severely. I must be more diligent in proving the information provided to me by my friends and the media. Are you still residing in Russia? I am trying to convince my wife to vacation there...
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    sex and its status

    After being raised Anglican (think Catholic only with harder pews) and witnessing what I have in my lifetime I am most definitely NOT religious and in fact blame organized religion for MOST of the worlds ills. I see nothing wrong with being spiritual in whatever fashion suits you as a person but...
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    sex and its status

    ROFLMAO...oh geeze...busted. Yup..put brain in gear BEFORE engaging fingers...OR MOUTH! My humblest apologies Redpepper. Were I there in person I would go down on one knee and offer you a single red rose and a kiss on the back of your hand. IThink.
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    Hola Senorita, coma esta ustede? I am a Canadian who is trying to learn Spanish and also enjoy those boring documentaries. I, for one, do not care what gender you are I just think it is cool we have more people who identify Poly. Welcome to the forum. I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I...
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    sex and its status

    First of all I would like to address dingedheart. Although it may feel like you are "under attack" or at least being brought to task for your views I would like to state here that I value your viewpoints greatly if for no other reason than it causes us all to stop and consider our own...
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    51W, Becoming Poly is more of a life journey or a process rather than a moment in time. The big challenge for most is a basal change in thinking that has been conditioned into us since the day we were born and those changes don't come easy or without conflicts. One of the most basic changes...
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    Quotes...plagarism encouraged!!

    Now I LIKE that one. Thank you. IThink
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    Guys who shave... down there

    So, to dredge up yet another old controversy, you want men to SPEED UP? :D IThink.
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    Forums: Help or Hinder?

    I really like this forum. In my first post I said it felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff with the fresh clean wind blowing in my face and that remains true to this day. I think there should be some kind of banner disclaimer on the front page saying words to the effect: WARNING...
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    sex and its status

    I really debated with myself whether or not to reply to your post as you have been given some very good information by some Poly smart people. After some consideration I thought I would contribute to the pool of comments for a couple of reasons. I wouldn’t mind receiving some feedback on my...
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    Hi :) It's a long one!

    We have been down your path many years ago. I look with envy upon your journey because, for us anyways, it was incredible how much we came to understand about ourselves, each other, our partner and even the world around us. The common saying is that the first three rules of real estate are...
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    needing some advice please

    The only reason I am replying is to add my own weight to the numbers. The above posters are all correct. Get out now. IThink
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    Clearing the head

    For me I enjoy going to our Provincial Museum of Natural Archives and wandering through the displays at my own pace. No one to say go faster, slow down, stop here etc. Also: The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. I own several so that makes it easy for me but a person could...
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    Guys who shave... down there

    Ummm...the "does size really matter" comment REALLY was said in jest. :D I apologize to the OP for helping to derail her thread. Further to that comment: "It ain't the size of the boat that gives the ride it's the motion in the ocean" IThink
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    Guys who shave... down there

    I have been shaved down under for many years. I am a pretty hairy guy and it took a few times before I became comfortable with the act of shaving but I find it simple and easy now. There must be some kind of neanderthal male reaction to having a razor blade close to "the boys" because I hear...