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    40yo agender masc seeking solo-poly, bonus points for littles/middles/brats

    Attractive, physically active agender AMAB masc-presenting dom with 1 partner seeking any femme-leaning folks for light-hearted dating that could eventually lead to romance if that's up your alley. I'm not a fan of random hookups as they leave me feeling hollowed out rather than nourished. I'm...
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    Poly Vee looking for counseling in NYC area

    I want to make the precursory caveat that I am not singling either of the respondents out here and I am specifically trying to avoid continuing to engage with this line of inquest. I don't want to have an argument over the merits of who is posting. I am not trying to speak "on behalf" of anyone...
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    Poly Vee looking for counseling in NYC area

    They were sitting next to me while I typed and I read it to them to ensure they agreed with the wording. Thank you for checking on them. Anybody know of some counselors who could help?
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    Poly Vee looking for counseling in NYC area

    Dear Polyamory Denizens, Content Warning: Feelings of abandonment or hurt, polyamorous vees, cohabitation. Hi there! We are a polyamorous vee who are cohabitating. Hinge has been with one of the legs for 12 years and is married to her. Hinge has been seeing other leg for almost 1 year and has...