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    Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. :)

    Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. :)
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    KT's Blog

    Grats Kat. I know those negative feelings all too well... Well done being happy for them! And for welcoming him with open arms. :) Maybe there is hope...
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    The Never-Ending Discussion

    As far as the terminology, yes, Vee would be a more accurate term than Triad. As far as taking the NRE elsewhere...that is tricky. He lives 5 hours away, so it's not like she can just go spend time with (that and other complications too). When he visits us, they typically spend some alone time...
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    The Never-Ending Discussion

    Eugene, thank you for not judging and for not reading-into my post and seeing it as flame-bait. I do enjoy my monogamous-ness. But with a possible side of fun - if allowed - naturally. As far as he and I are concerned. I am certain that either of us would be fully-happy being the only person...
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    The Never-Ending Discussion

    Eugene, yes, you touch on some good points there. We have had that exact conversation regarding how I am comfortable with them having sex with no feelings or feelings with no sex. But it's the combination of those two elements that makes me wonder how what we have is different or special to...
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    The Never-Ending Discussion

    Howdy, It's been a while since I've posted. It's good to know this place is still here with caring people doling out good advice. Let me give you a quick summary of where my wife and I are at currently. I am mono. She is poly. She has a BF who lives out of state (about 5 hours away). He...
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    Hello from NY!

    Lol YGirl. My wife would ardently agree with you. She's quite "childfree" and my proxy so am I, but very willingly. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~ MRC, A person's desire to procreate can be quite strong. It almost sounds like he might have a strong desire to have kids even if he has to go to someone else...
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    Hello from NY!

    My 2 cents... Therapy sounds good. Do it, get a professional, objective opinion. Likely it will agree with alot of the feedback here. As far as lists? Sounds like he came up with "this great idea" to outline his needs. Good for him - but this might not work for YOU. You both need to find...
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    Work in progress Pt.3

    Welcome DB. I like your intro. I am also a gamer. :) I am the hubby in a trio (would be ND's role in your trio). Reading it allowed me to see how our 3rd would feel, and he has felt alot of what you expressed. He gets very jealous of my wife's attention - but not towards me. I think what...
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    Hello from NY!

    Forgive me. For some reason what you said here about your husband really pushed my buttons... This guy sounds like a JERK. Again...sorry, I know that's not cool to do on Forums. There must be good in this man for you to have married him and stay with him, but he needs to respect your needs more.
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    Hello from NY!

    Welcome MRC from a fellow New Yorker. :) Sounds like you two have a bit of a chore ahead sorting things out. I don't hear any mention of a 3rd yet. Is he anticipating desiring someone and just being proactive by declaring his poly-ness? Or is there a 3rd you haven't yet spoken of yet...
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    Possibly Poly Boyfriend?

    Well, you've come to the right place! I'm not poly (personally), but my wife is, and we've discussed thoughts similar to yours many times. As far as I know, truly poly people simply love differently than monos. I love her, I have no need for someone else to love. She doesn't "need" to love...
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    My wife's boyfriend?

    Sounds like you two need a heart-to-heart discussion on your relationship, satisfaction, and desires for more. It sounds like she is justifying her online-relationship to herself by convincing herself that you're outside the martial bounds as well. Frankly, you both appear to desire a somewhat...
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    Not very happy right now

    Hi Winterfire, I found your post interesting. My situation is different, but found some similaries. My wife has a (man) friend, and we are trying to find a way to incorporate him into our lives long-term. But with the inclusion of him, I find myself wanting some side-company of my own. Not...
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    I screwed up big time

    Sounds like you two (three?) talking is EXACTLY what you need right now. As long as they have forgiven you, and you know what you've done wrong, stop beating yourself up (I know, I know, easier said than done). But really, learn from this, be a better person for it. I know how curiosity can...
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    Broken trust, opportunity, or both?

    Welcome esedkudiln. Wow, what a cluster of a thread. Oh well. Not quite the typical welcome, but it appears you haven't run from the boards, so congrats. :) I was curious when I read your original post. I could relate to parts of it. See, I've always thought of myself as a closet swinger...
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    Beginning my Poly life

    First: Welcome! Interesting discussion already Iola. :) Jealousy & Guilt...ah yes. Not that I'm any kind of expert...well maybe in the jealousy department, haha. I am the husband of a poly girl who has very recently started a relationship with a really great man. She feels lots of guilt. I...
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    Lengthy Introduction

    Hey Sweetie, welcome! ;) Yes HMA, I've read some of your stories and they are amazingly similar. Glad to see we're not the only ones going through "all this". But we're taking it one step at a time, and each day is a victory.
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    moving in together

    Wise words redpepper. I'm thankful every day that my wife's lover is 6 hours away. We are so new to this, and I'm still mentally adjusting, that I know it would be too soon if she just up and said "here he is, lets move him in". But surprisingly (or not) we've discussed it already, lol, just...
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    I question myself sometimes

    Well, the way I was using it is that since they are in different states, one of the only ways they can be "intimate" together while apart is to tell each other what they'd like to do if they were together, talk dirty, moan, get off and help each other get off best they can. Anyways, that's what...