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  1. Mthood143

    Moving Forward, Looking Back

    I love my partner. If her boyfriend makes her smile I love seeing that. In that sense, I would love to give him a hug and thank him for his role in her happiness and mine as well being a helluva compersion kind of guy. I have a very true appreciation for people that contribute to love on our...
  2. Mthood143

    Moving Forward, Looking Back

    I think you are secretly reading my memoirs. My friends roll their eyes sometimes when I ask my favorite question. “Why?” I feel someone should always know why they do something, say something, feel something. I think it is a cop out and a form of denial (of responsibility) when someone says...
  3. Mthood143

    On vacation in California visiting family and friends.

    On vacation in California visiting family and friends.
  4. Mthood143

    Moving Forward, Looking Back

    Same. Drawn heavily towards deep connection, stretching, understanding self and other. And eff inauthentic fear, right? I’m wondering…you said earlier that you don’t like to be bored. Is it a stimulus thing (like you need to feel “wild” and stimulated) or is it interpersonal stretching of your...
  5. Mthood143

    This is me

    And start chatting with us! 😉 I just moved from Oregon so coffee together is a challenge now.
  6. Mthood143

    Greetings from NorCal

    Thanks for your vulnerability. To thine own heart be true. It’s up to each of us to know our hearts. I feel if you truly know your heart is wanting this experience it will weather the storms. There will be storms. Have a group there with you to help you hold on. Be a smart captain and avoid...
  7. Mthood143

    Northwest vibing

    Hi everyone! I consider myself a smart man. So why did I wait this long to get involved in a polyamorous community while identifying as polyamorous? Maybe it’s time to reassess “smart” in my vocabulary. How far back do I go? Man, we are all only our story in the end, so make it a good one...
  8. Mthood143

    New and Confused...

    Hi Electo. I, too, had a “porn addiction” during my marriage but in doing the emotional and therapy work I determined it was me fantasizing about loving the second woman. I loved my wife AND felt there was more to experience. Close, emotional connection was my turn on. I talked it over with...