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    Someone tell me it works

    If there were forums for "regular" relationships, you'd find exactly the same thing. When things are going great, people seldom will start asking questions. Or speak about it for fear of bragging. Think about it. Relationships, as a whole, just do not work more often than not. But that...
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    Possible V and some questions.

    @LeeLee: To reiterate/clarify, we have zero intentions of moving forward until she knows what's going on in her current situation. And even then will have to move slowly. Just would end up making things more of a mess. :) @NyC: She's said that much of it is the usual (and these are her...
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    Possible V and some questions.

    Thanks for the input. As for a strong marriage, I would feel very comfortable saying that about what we have. The enough love for others is something I've always felt, though I'm not a fan of terms such as "primary" or "secondary", opting to use more conventional terms such as wife and...
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    Possible V and some questions.

    Hey there! So, we're not overly active on here but jump in from time to time. My wife and I have been involved in a few longer term triads. Nothing super long term, but decent lengths (each over six months). However, there's a possibility of a V forming, with myself being the hinge. If we...
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    Any "straight laced" folks on here?

    We're kind of a hodge-podge of things. Wife and I are both 34 and live in the 'burbs, though we'd be more at home in Minneapolis as opposed to just outside of it. No kids. Bikers. Jocks (still play sports competitively and work out regularly). Nerds in that we're gamers and love games like...
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    Poly folk in Mpls?

    I think we're going to shoot for the one on the 22nd.
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    How can I get myself hot for my 1st lover when all my body wants is my new lover?

    Have you spoke with him about what his desires are and what turns him on? If you can find that, perhaps he'll get a bit more exciting instead of same old same old. And with that, it will likely fix your moisture problem.
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    Need a little help!

    Well, nothing "concrete", though Adam has mentioned she appears to be checking me out from time to time. And you ever have those awkward pauses in a conversation with someone you're interested and the two of you just kind of stare at each other and just smile? Lol.
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    Need a little help!

    Gotta love how the mind goes all gaga and stops working from time to time. Lol. We're not looking to go full tilt right away as that's just not how we operate. But would like to Perdue romantic interest. We'll see. But good point on the friendship first. Thanks. :)
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    She dumped us- but should we try again? Advice?

    All three of you need to talk open and frankly. Find out why things went down as they did. Being the third can be rather intimidating to many. Nothing great comes without risk.
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    Need a little help!

    Sooo...a bit sad to be asking advice of this nature at 34 years of age, but what the hell...not exactly an old pro at this. Besides, hubby and I have been together over 15 years now so a bit out of practice! Anyhow, here's the deal. I'm bi and we've grown interested in a Triad over the years...
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    Social Anxiety Sucks!

    Well, branch out to multiple venues online since its a comfort zone for you. Anxiety can be a real pain! Craigslist is an option for certain and allows you to be more elaborate on what you're looking for and what you're all about. As for it affecting your happiness? Well, that's a harder...
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    All kinds of love.

    It'll always be a situation of too young to someone. It's just how it works. Everyone is different. I've always been a bit more open to things and able to comprehend things outside the norm. Chances are, around nine, I could have understood at least the over all concept. My brother, on the...
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    Poly girl from Wisconsin

    Ahhhh. We get out that general direction a couple times a year. We take the motorcycles out to Madeline Island. :) Oh, and Skol Vikings! ;)
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    Poly girl from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forum, neighbor! We're over in the Twin Cities ourselves. :)
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    Jane: A cruiser will be your best bet at that height. There are plenty of smaller ones that can work and even some larger ones. If you want to go mid range, try a Vulcan 900. With minor modifications, you should be able to reach. Or Victory has the Kingpin Low. A different saddle, lowering...
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    Nothing better than riding side by side. Sometimes with the girlfriend on the back of mine. :)
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    He accidentally called me by his other girlfriend's name...

    It happens....especially if one is half asleep. If say get over it. And, if you can't, let him know. Chances are he can do nothing about it, but stating what's bugging you can help.
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    Good morning, everyone!

    Perhaps it's a bit foolish, but we approach triad relationships the same way we do a regular. Most will never work, some may and finding that perfect fit is near impossible...but worth searching for. :)
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    Good morning, everyone!

    No worries on the negative reactions. Jerks exist in all walks of life. Ha ha! As for our current, we would be if things were more "involved". We've known her since May and things picked up in July. We would see each other roughly 2-4 times a month, which was fine. But there is NO...