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    Seeking Best Friend/Housemate

    reply Thank you for your note but I am not sure what to make of it. You say you are looking for like minded people to have a good time with without the fuss and muss, that sounds like swinging. We are not swingers we are a poly couple looking for a relationship so if that is what you meant...
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    Seeking Best Friend/Housemate

    We are a loving couple 56 and 61 wanting to add a third to our family. A female or male with a sense of adventure ( we hope to be spending some time in Ecuador after retirement) and a quirky sense of humor. If you are offended by the politically incorrect or can not just agree to disagree in...
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    We are an attractive, happily married couple, hoping to find another male, female, or even another like-minded couple, to share our love, our home, and life's adventures. We are planning on retiring to Ecuador in approx. two years, and would be thrilled to develop a lasting relationship with...
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    We plan to retire in Ecuador and would love to begin a dialogue with someone in or around Quito, Cuenca, or Cotacachi.