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  1. Helo


    Has anyone been watching the Spartacus series (on Starz, I think)? I started watching it as basically a junk-food type show ("Ancient Rome, gladiators, and boobs, AWESOME!") but I'm amazed at how awesome the show has been and stayed through three (technically four) seasons. The first season was...
  2. Helo

    Gender-Specific Jealousy (Double Standard)

    You've basically got it. Our society sees a patriarchal set-up (such as polygamy) as acceptable, even encouraged in some circles, but the reverse is not true. I have a difficult time trusting other men because of negative experiences with men that I've counted as friends as well as years spent...
  3. Helo

    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    That's part of why I always considered Luke to kinda be a whiny little bitch. "Waaahhhh, I have a magic sword that can cut through ANYTHING and magic powers that let me move shit with my mind and I can make out with my hot sister and no one cares! My life is so HORRIBLE!"
  4. Helo

    How does everyone handle arguments

    Sometimes diverting an argument can necessitate sleeping on the couch.
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    How does everyone handle arguments

    A couple foundation blocks with regards to arguing that I have always followed and that have never failed me; -Arguing over stupid things indicates something else is wrong and neither of you wants to talk about it. -Arguing never made a relationship happy. You'll never sit back one day with...
  6. Helo

    Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

    No, it's not spam. Promise. I stumbled across this the other day and as much as I can resonate with it, I cant say I agree with her basic premise.
  7. Helo

    On NPR: "Polygamy" (and plural families) and the law

    It's an interesting snippet but it highlights one of the reasons I dont like NPR; they never really go in-depth enough.
  8. Helo

    ADHD [General ADHD Talk]

    I'd put very little stock in it. A lot of these "health warnings" come out every year and most turn out to be bogus; Mountain Dew makes you sterile, Red Bull gives you brain cancer, Pop Rocks will kill you, etc etc. Food colorings are generally artificial in nature and have long, science-y...
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    ADHD [General ADHD Talk]

    I remember they were kicking around the idea of not diagnosing ADD in young children anymore, anyone know what happened with that? The argument was (and frankly I agree) that ADD is often misdiagnosed in kids who are just naturally more energetic than peers or who have other issues going on...
  10. Helo

    Stoya on the Pitfalls of Heteronormativity and Monogamy It's an interesting article but...I dunno, it feels like it says a lot without really saying very much. I dont know if that's because Stoya just didn't go into that much depth or if she just pursues a much more...
  11. Helo

    ADHD [General ADHD Talk]

    I was diagnosed back in the day when they were first hammering out the details of it and recognizing it as a diagnosis. I tried several different medications and I found the overwhelming majority of them to be effective however they had extremely undesirable side effects. The classic Ritalin...
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    And people say unicorns don't exist...

    Hrm, I've always considered poly Asian girls to be the unicorns.
  13. Helo

    What is a heirarchy, really?

    In the colloquial definition of anarchy, yes. That definition is also incorrect; anarchy is the absence of government, not the absence of rules. Rules are enforced by the community and the emphasis is on freedom of choice, equality, and destruction of hierarchy. That's a somewhat...
  14. Helo

    Again with "lifestyle"

    I've always differentiated the two. "Lifestyle" is something you do that is more or less a conscious choice and only affects one part of your life. For instance, swinging or collecting stamps; it's something you do and it does entail changing part of how you think but it isn't something that...
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    Well if you ever find yourself on the way to LA, I'd love to show you around :)

    Well if you ever find yourself on the way to LA, I'd love to show you around :)
  16. Helo

    If you're ever bound for Los Angeles, let me know. I like your approach to things and your...

    If you're ever bound for Los Angeles, let me know. I like your approach to things and your general outlook is lots of fun :) If you ever pass by, I'd love to have lunch and hang out for a bit.
  17. Helo

    What is a heirarchy, really?

    I actually recently had a conversation with a ladyfriend about something similar. I have one ladyfriend (S) that I've seen for almost two years now and I just recently started seeing the second ladyfriend (M). M said she was nervous because she felt like she had to be "approved" by S before...
  18. Helo

    Again with "lifestyle"

    I tend to dislike the characterization of polyamory as a "lifestyle" because I feel that it cheapens it and masks the concept behind a word we use for often very superficial or one dimensional changes in our lives. To me, this is a way of LIFE. This is how I live my life; it is interconnected...
  19. Helo

    Paint Fumes and Street Art

    Public property is exactly what the name says; property that is owned by the public. It may be actively cared for by a government or other organization but the actual owners of the property are considered to be the public. Sidewalks are an example of this. It gets a lot cheaper when you arent...
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    Paint Fumes and Street Art

    I'm aware of the outcry against them, I'm also aware that nobody who can do anything about it seems to care. Street art is taken as a "gateway crime" and a symbol of all that's bad and criminal about a neighborhood. Nobody in authority comes out and blames billboards for being a symbol of the...