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  1. Oldpolyman

    Has it really been 2 years ?

    Since we last checked in ? If any of you remember us, we were a plural family that has been around since 1978 and were made up of 4 wives and our husband. Long story short, our first two wives passed away, and my remaining co wife decided to leave us. So here we are my husband and I coming...
  2. Oldpolyman

    Oz Tv Programe

    One of my poly friends sent me this link to an Austrailian Tv show, where polygamy was discussed. Participants on the programe spoke of the various reasons they entered into poly relationships, religious, cultural, love and mutual respect. >...
  3. Oldpolyman

    The Secret to A Long Life?

    Here's an interesting article, no reason this wouldn't be true about men in polyamorus relationships too: Polygamy is key to longevity! ANI Mar 6, 2009, 12.00am IST > (Want a long life? Get a second…) Forget long walks and calorie-controlled diets, the sure shot way to live a longer life is: get...
  4. Oldpolyman

    Are There Many Downton Abby Fans Here ?

    We are huge fans of Downton Abby, which here in the US, we are anxiously awaiting the airing of season 4, which is just finishing in the UK. is just chock full of spoilers, but makes us certainly want to watch PBS on Jan 5th, and rush out and buy the 4th...