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    sex positive poly memoir

    I just read "An intimate life: Sex, love, and my journey as a surrogate partner", which is a memoir by the woman who was the model for the surrogate in The Sessions. I think other folks here might appreciate or be interested in this book. I'd wondered how she came to her line of work and how she...
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    Wildflower's miscellany

    This may or may not become a blog. I've debated it in the past, then been very glad I didn't start it, as I've have regrets even about some of the sporadic posts I've made. But I've seen a bunch of useful ideas in my reading here, and I want a place to put them so I don't lose them.
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    Acknowledging vs hiding insecurities

    Nouryia has a thread, Not sure I like to be a secondary, that brings up the question of acknowledging insecurities or not, which is something that I have also struggled with. In my relationship with my boyfriend, which has been going on for about 8 mo (the first 2 or so as an LDR) I have vented...
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    What is love anyway

    I hope this isn't too philosophical or unanswerable a question; it is actually something I've been thinking about a lot lately, particularly in the context of the different stages of relationships. I feel like I have somewhat of a grasp of love in the NRE phase - what it feels like, what we are...
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    lurking no longer

    After reading here for months, I've finally started posting, so figured I'd add an intro as well. Hello, everyone. stats: F, 40s, straight, married (~20yrs), boyfriend (friendship is old, romantic relationship is 4-5 months old) 2 elementary school kids, working full time outside the home I'm...