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  1. Helo


    Has anyone been watching the Spartacus series (on Starz, I think)? I started watching it as basically a junk-food type show ("Ancient Rome, gladiators, and boobs, AWESOME!") but I'm amazed at how awesome the show has been and stayed through three (technically four) seasons. The first season was...
  2. Helo

    Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

    No, it's not spam. Promise. I stumbled across this the other day and as much as I can resonate with it, I cant say I agree with her basic premise.
  3. Helo

    Stoya on the Pitfalls of Heteronormativity and Monogamy It's an interesting article but...I dunno, it feels like it says a lot without really saying very much. I dont know if that's because Stoya just didn't go into that much depth or if she just pursues a much more...
  4. Helo

    Paint Fumes and Street Art

    As I sit here, basting in paint remover fumes from an over-zealous landlord trying to sterilize the walls of the first floor, I cant help but wonder why a blank, beige wall is better than the tags that were previously there. I live in a neighborhood that is not the greatest so street art is...
  5. Helo

    Make No Scents!

    Have you ever met someone and been around them and their personal scent just...didnt click with you? It's not that they smell bad or have problems with body odor, but their own personal scent just somehow strikes you as off or not right. What (if anything) did that eventually end up meaning?
  6. Helo

    Guitar Center....*SNARL*

    Kind of a vent/rant. I recently decided I wanted to pick up and learn guitar. I've always wanted to, I had a little extra cash, so I bought a Fender Stratocaster Starcaster that came with a basic amp. Just a little starter set for like $170 from Guitar Center. I get an email three days later...
  7. Helo

    Ex Troubles, Now Troubles

    I'm kinda bummed that I couldn't come up with a more clever title, the word "ex" should lend itself to some interesting wordplay. I'm at a little bit of a sticky situation that I'm fairly unfamiliar with and wouldn't mind some input on. Prologue: I was in a mono relationship for five years...
  8. Helo

    Baking with "found" food

    First, a little backstory. I tend to be a bit of a scrounger with almost everything, a modern hunter-gatherer if you will. I tend to stumble across a wide assortment of everything that usually gets used or passed on to someone else. Food is in that category, a skill developed out of a very low...
  9. Helo

    Neurohormone Research

    I was wondering if anyone had spent much time researching or had any working knowledge of neurohypophysial hormones, specifically oxytocin. For various reasons, I've spent the last several months researching it, how the body produces it, and the mechanics of its actions in the body and the...
  10. Helo

    Conservatives and Polyamory

    I stumbled across this when looking for another website. Its interesting because the author is very clearly not in favor of the idea yet seems to be hinting that societal acceptance of polyamory is basically a given...
  11. Helo

    Sexism, Gamers Contd. Discussion

    I've seen that article before and while I do agree with most of the major points, I think it misses a couple of important things. First, THIS is the article that spawned the one you linked to. Its character assassination, pure and simple. It may not have been intended that way but that's how it...
  12. Helo

    4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading

    Normally I dont send on stuff I read, especially Cracked. They're funny and all but any good information is usually drowned out by the bad. From someone who had to read Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye, and developed a life-long hatred of Shakespeare, I feel like this one is an exception...
  13. Helo

    Politics and Love

    Something I'm always intrigued by is how people tend to square politics with the people they love. I personally am an anarchist and that's a very big part of who I am, it informs a lot about the rest of me and its a big part of my outlook. I enjoy discussing and dialoging about political topics...
  14. Helo

    Neurological Responses to Love

    Normally I tend to dislike TED somewhat for their elitism and blase attitude towards real problems, but every once and a while an interesting one comes along.
  15. Helo

    The Keffiyeh

    I've worn a keffiyeh (or shemagh as they may be better known) for keffiyeh for several years. I'm very in favor of the symbolism behind it and its also a very nice piece of clothing regardless of what you're doing. I've seen keffiyehs catch on with hipster kids (though the trend seems to have...
  16. Helo

    Polyamory and Ethnicity

    I've been very active in observing and learning about the poly community over the last three years or so and one thing that has continued to stick out is the ethnic makeup of the poly world. My direct experience has been with the poly community in Los Angeles but I've interacted with poly...
  17. Helo

    Looking fo Los Angeles friends

    I'm somewhat new to the poly community and I dont really know that many other poly people. There is a Meetup group for LA but its a little intimidating because of the size of the gatherings and a pretty significant age gap. I'm just looking to make some new poly friends in LA.
  18. Helo

    Poly TV Series

    I'm a little surprised there isn't a thread about this already. Has anyone seen the new Showtime series "Polyamory: Married and Dating"? I've seen all seven episodes and actually had a chance to talk with the creator of the show. I've made a point of viewing every piece of media produced on...
  19. Helo


    This is probably going to seem very elementary to most people but its something I've been having a lot of trouble with. How do you date as a poly person? More specifically, how do you find poly people TO date? I had thought when officially "came out" that I wouldn't have any real trouble...
  20. Helo

    It seems I have to make a choice

    My fiancee and I have been together for almost five years now. About two years ago, after some...tumultuous events, I did some growing and determined that I was poly. This was not quietly accepted by my dear wife to be. I love her to death, but she is what I would describe as "militantly...