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  1. Oldpolyman

    Has it really been 2 years ?

    Since we last checked in ? If any of you remember us, we were a plural family that has been around since 1978 and were made up of 4 wives and our husband. Long story short, our first two wives passed away, and my remaining co wife decided to leave us. So here we are my husband and I coming...
  2. Oldpolyman

    Curious about ending relationships..

    No, our family of 35 years has had member's pass on, and just recently had wife M tell us at a family meeting, that she wanted out, nothing that any of us did. It is very disappointing to wife J and myself, we wish her well and will remain friends with her. We doubt that we will accept her back...
  3. Oldpolyman

    Buying a house

    One of our acquaintances, who has 4 wives, bought a large house, by setting up their family business as a corporation. They are listed as equal shareholders, and the corp bought and owns the house. Hugs
  4. Oldpolyman

    Hi there, we're a Christian traditional poly family who are retired in Pa. We were up until...

    Hi there, we're a Christian traditional poly family who are retired in Pa. We were up until recently a triad (one of members chose to leave after 12 years) and are interested in friendship.
  5. Oldpolyman

    Colorado Fairy

    Welcome back Pyxiegrl, Hugs :)
  6. Oldpolyman

    Biblical Christian Poly Living

    Hi Jane, Unfortunately with fundies who can't think for themselves, they wouldn't even believe God himself, if he appeared to them, so I just don't really have anything to do with them. Perhaps some day they'll wake up to the fact that they're missing God's joy in loving. > Jane wrote...
  7. Oldpolyman

    Facebook Status

    Mine says " It's Complicated" which covers my relationship status as far as Facebook is concerned. Hugs :p
  8. Oldpolyman

    BC Canada allows more than 2 parents on birth certificates!

    Yes we saw that too, here's the link to the LA Times article :,0,7226241.story
  9. Oldpolyman

    Biblical Christian Poly Living

    Another Good Link When I outed myself to my brother, he regurgitated the teachings of man and condemned me. He's now had a change of heart and mind, and now defends my choices, and has sent me this link that got him studying God's word and not simply accepting what the church teaches. >...
  10. Oldpolyman


    > We've always practiced polyfidelity, when the ladies brought a potential wife into the family, there was no sex period, until proper testing was completed. Even then there was no unprotected sex until after the wife entered our family. We like you have been very, very lucky in STD department...
  11. Oldpolyman

    Societal norms in non-standard relationships: Why do they hurt?

    As we aged, we found ourselves caring less and less what blood family, neighbors, and society think. Sure some people got bent out of shape and refused to talk to us, but the way I figure they were never really our friends anyway. Most ppl were and are caring, besides the more often we come out...
  12. Oldpolyman

    BC Canada allows more than 2 parents on birth certificates!

    B.C. has the right idea, although their federal court did rule against religiously motivated plural marriages. Perhaps when alternative families are the norm the high court will revisit silly laws regarding plural unions. Hugs :)
  13. Oldpolyman

    Polyamory and Virgins

    Interesting post and viewpoints. I wonder when we're 90 if we'll have the same ideas? While we love sexual activity, the act becomes less important as we age, it's the love that we share for each other that defines our relationship. I suspect that when I get to the above age the wildest we'll...
  14. Oldpolyman

    Other sites like this one?

    We're on Polyamorous Percolations as well as this forum, on Libchrist's Delphi Forums to a lesser degree,, and Hugs
  15. Oldpolyman

    In case you hadn't seen, Poly percs is back up and running.

    In case you hadn't seen, Poly percs is back up and running.
  16. Oldpolyman


    It's not about sexual energies, although in our case it's more about emotional energies, change of life issues, etc. I don't think I can change or balance anyone, that comes from within the person having/making issues, and if they choose to address those issues. >
  17. Oldpolyman

    Oz Tv Programe

    One of my poly friends sent me this link to an Austrailian Tv show, where polygamy was discussed. Participants on the programe spoke of the various reasons they entered into poly relationships, religious, cultural, love and mutual respect. >...
  18. Oldpolyman

    What kind of physical touch do you like in a loving relationship(s)?~

    If I can make a generalization, in my experience, how you express love and affection depends on your age and personal comfort (which might be the same thing). When we were young and had a lot more energy, we had a hard time keeping our hands off (and clothes on too) each other. These days, as...
  19. Oldpolyman

    Poly: Choice or Predisposition?

    In my own case, I certainly chose to enter into a plural relationships, however I think that everyone has the inate capacity to love more than one person. Wither we do so one person at a time, or multiple partners at the same time depends on a variety of conditions, beliefs, life experiences...
  20. Oldpolyman

    Annoying article

    Thanks GG, your rewrite actually made more sense than the original, which to me seemed to be a bunch of psycho babble, on first look. Hugs