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    Any FL poly out there?

    We used to live in Gainesville. We are currently in Saint Petersburg, but moving to the Ocala area later this year. We are open to MF or F for long-term or perm relationship.
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    Where are you from ?

    Couple (M/F) here from Saint Petersbur, FL
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    Searching for connection, community and understanding

    Hello and welcome! Couple here looking to add a third (female) to our marriage. We are in Florida. Where are you located?
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    pagan poly in oklahoma

    Poly bi couple here. Wifey is also pagan and into witchcraft.
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    St. Pete or Tampa Area

    Poly bi couple moving to St. Pete seeking friends and hopefully more if chemistry is there. We are 43M 47F both bi seeking bi couple or bi female. Not looking for a hookup we can start as friends and see if anything develops.
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    Poly curious in Arizona

    Hi there! Poly couple here in Las Vegas :)
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    Poly Bi Couple in NV?

    43/yo poly bi couple moving to NV in May of 2021. Looking to meet another bi couple or bi female for a relationship.
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    Poly lifestyle in London, UK

    Hello everyone, We are moving to London next year and we were wondering how’s the lifestyle in London. Any insight greatly appreciated.
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    Any FL poly out there?

    We are in Gainesville for about 10 months. It’s been hard finding M or F poly people here.
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    Where are you from ?

    41/46yo Couple here in West Palm Beach, FL.
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    *NEW* DFW Texas Unicorn

    Hello Sarah, Are you open to LDR or relocating? We are looking for someone like yourself to join our marriage/ family. N & A
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    Looking for someone to talk to

    Happy to chat. Message here or KIK ?
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    Couple seeking female life companion

    Good luck guys!! Looking for same in West Palm Beach, FL.
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    Anyone near Seattle?

    We would love to move to Seattle or Portland. We are currently in Florida.
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    Welcome and hello from Florida :)
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    SW Florida meetings

    West Palm Beach, FL We recently moved to West Palm Beach and we’ve had no luck finding groups, meetups or like minded people. We are in search for a bi female to date and join our family. We are open to couples as well.
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    Female Looking For Couple In Florida/Jersey

    Shelby955, Just sent you a message ;) N & A
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    Gulf coast Florida

    Hello guys, Bi couple here in West Palm Beach. Would love to meet another couple near us. N & A
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    New Friends for 25 y/o poly female

    Welcome to the site 😀