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    Searching for like-minded people and connection

    Hi. We are looking for a bi female or couple to connect with.
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    NC OKLAHOMA unicorn looking for MM or couple

    Couple open to talk.
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    Married Latino Couple looking for couple or Bi-Woman

    Wife and I are new to this lifestyle. She has never been with a woman but wants to now. We are looking for an open poly LTR, possibly LDR as well. We want an attractive couple, but an interested single bi woman is cool too. We intend to visit eachother, travel together, and have fun. We're both...
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    Where are you from ?

    Michigan 33f 35m LTR with similar-ish couple LDR acceptable
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Please excuse the ignorance but what do the letters mean? V, N, M?