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    Is polyamory what we're looking for?

    Your so lucky ! I think your both so lucky to have found one another - I'm sure many men would be happy to join you both if they were fortunate enough to be invited . I would go slow as the previous post recommended not focusing on the sexual part of the relationship in the beginning - there...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Personally - I couldn't be bothered to sleep with two other people :) I prefer to be able to move around without waking my partner . My husband and I have discussed this situation - when we do have another partner or partners we prefer to have two king size beds . A path in between , so...
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    Calgary couple seeking advice

    Thanks Hello , thanks for everyones advice and insight. We appreciate it :) I really took GS 's advice to heart - the part about not rushing it with friends.
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    Calgary couple seeking advice

    Just stumbled on to this forum - I'm glad I did . I am a 33 yr old female from Calgary Alberta , my husband is 39 , looking for a little advice . I started speaking with my husband about the idea of dating again . We've never stepped out on one another and I did not want to deceive my partner -...