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  1. Stelian

    Problem behavior in an open relationship

    I had many friends who had open relationships and this has both positive and negative aspects. However, as long as you have total trust in the person you love and talk to them directly without any secrets, everything will be fine. There are many cases, however, when problems arise and you...
  2. Stelian

    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Meditation is an old method of relaxing, escaping from your daily routine and putting all your thoughts together. I was wondering how other people meditate. I mean which are the poses they use. I am combining the meditation with the yoga practicing and you may click this to see the poses. I...
  3. Stelian

    LSB Weight Loss Daily Goals and Accomplishments

    I am very happy to read forums like this and to see that so many people have managed to lose weight using different methods. However, everything depends on each body because a certain diet may not be good for everyone. For this reason, it is good to consult a doctor before starting a diet...