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  1. Fishsticks86

    Open VS Poly... What a difference

    Thanks TXretired! My husband had a lot more swinger encounters than I did, and I fall more in the Polyamorous spectrum. I'm excited to build or new life together and find people who fit into our relationship, as well as us fitting in with them.
  2. Fishsticks86

    Being Poly in FL

    Hello everyone! My name is Madison and I am new to being polyamorous. My husband and I are still figuring out where we are on this spectrum and looking for advice/community support while we navigate things. I'm very excited to explore this new world together, and I've had many Polyamorous...
  3. Fishsticks86

    Open VS Poly... What a difference

    We have. He's done more swinger encounters while I've done more poly encounters, so we have to have more experience to realize what we both want. We can only talk about it so much, and we really don't know until we act upon this. I'd love for us to meet a chick in town he vibes with and have...
  4. Fishsticks86

    Masculinizing Polyamorous Men

    Thanks for the response, and it really is! It's his path of healing the toxic masculinity out of his heart. The guys he works with are most certainly emotional infants who feed of toxic masculinity, and it makes me sad because I watch David fight it all the time. I think it's incredibly sexy and...
  5. Fishsticks86

    Open VS Poly... What a difference

    Definitely not trying to sound like the queen of ethics, because dear God I don't have many lol. 😂 My main desire is honesty and communication. I've only had one guy so far be honest and up front with me about his stance, and I respected him highly for that. So far, the others have definitely...
  6. Fishsticks86

    Finding myself frustrated with the whole lot of potential lovers I have come across. I just want...

    Finding myself frustrated with the whole lot of potential lovers I have come across. I just want to be with a man who is willing to, God forbid, see another cock in the room besides his own! Such as my husband's... Que internal crying.
  7. Fishsticks86

    I Love My Wife! But She Wants to Close Our Marriage

    Oh my.. Mr. Polywog, I am sincerely sorry you are having to face this battle. I personally believe that if this is what you want and desire, you deserve your chance at happiness and love as your wife has had numerous times. Jealousy should be a shallow, adjustable feeling like you have so...
  8. Fishsticks86

    So I'm Not the Only One?

    Hey Parker! I for one completely agree with your feelings. I desperately tried to stay in a committed monogamous relationship, but I kept cheating and finding myself wanting to be with other men several times over the course of a few years. My husband and I finally had the conversation, and he...
  9. Fishsticks86

    Masculinizing Polyamorous Men

    A question from my husband.. He recently expressed his anxieties of coming out to guys around him about being polyamorous because of his fear of being ridiculed for not "being enough" for his wife. He works in a mechanic shop, and one of his old co-workers was poly who faced a very similar...
  10. Fishsticks86

    Open VS Poly... What a difference

    Recently I came across a lil cutie I work with who is in an open relationship. Him and I had an immediate attraction, but his relationship is 1. Secretive due to work issues and 2. Secretive about being open as well. So it took me more than a month to figure out what the hell is up with his love...