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    Crazy stuff you've read on the site.

    You can be sad if someone you built a nest of couches for in your no power apartment, leaves for a real bed and hydro
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    open relationship issues wife keeps not sticking to rules

    I have quite a few thoughts here. But I’ll focus on the conversation secretly recorded conversation only at this point. (Not even the part about how unethical, possibly illegal, detrimental and absolutely hurtful that is) Many many emotional even sexual relationships happen virtually. Freon...
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    Can I be the platonic partner?

    It is totally possible to be at the top of a V and have a healthy happy non intimate relationship with you metamor. My “sister wife and I call each other “left foot, right foot”
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    Open communication question

    For us, we can totally access each other’s devices for valid reasons. Family messages, planning, convince or just to play a game: But we will not and do not read messages between partners. That’s personal and private and for us not about sex because those are relationships. (Would you be...
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    Hello everyone we’re new :0)

    The absolute bare minimum of people required to form a relationship is two. If In the vast majority of forever and always the bare minimum of two can not always see eye to eye or satisfy every bit of everything each needs, how astronomically rare would it be that more then two would ever be...
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    Is their fight my business?

    Not your monkey. Not your circus. To my mind, it is unfair that they would argue in front of you in the first place. That’s simply rude. I can’t think of a single thing any adult would need to “fight” about that couldn’t wait until they could be private about it.
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    Hello everyone we’re new :0)

    May I ask a hypothetical question? What f after a dalliance with you and hubby, the girl is only interested in a sexual relationship with you each separately?
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    In a polyamorous relationship and have kids? What seems different to monogamous child reering?

    We have both “Bigs” and “Littles” . Honestly I feel that having kids makes us more mindful of our relationships and actions. To us the poly part is more focused on the relationship piece and the potential for permanence rather then any sexual component. Mostly because the children are included...
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    How do you find your date?

    You find the “right person”. By being real. Being open. Just being. Put no expectations into the universe and the universe will not disappoint
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    Poly because of boredom

    What do you mean by jealous? I’m understanding from your post that you are toying with the idea of some extra curricular sex but afraid of how you’d feel if your partner also engaged sex with others. Is that correct? Step one in any scenario is to begin the conversation with your partner about...
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    How to throuple?

    Tell him to leave her. Until he does don’t communicate with him. Have 3rd party do drop off an pick up. Then sort your shit. Good luck! I feel this must be a tough spot for you to be in.
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    New and seeking advice

    Welcome! What kind of open relationship? What boundaries? What advice are you seeking? Mo’ deets needed!
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    Feeling confused...

    " The reason why was that we felt we could both love multiple partners and our relationship was strong enough to deal with it" Here is where I always get of the discussion boat. To me in my experience, "we" is somewhat of a killer word. Of course there is always something of a we, but really...
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    Self love= self pleasure?

    Ok! Done.
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    Self love= self pleasure?

    I can not get past question 8 because I'm in multiple committed relationships but not married to anyone.
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    Poly-Friendly Christians?

    Catholics here. We are public but not "out" if that makes sense. We attend all functions and family affairs and don't hide anything per say. The topic of interpersonal dynamics, relationships or sex lives never ever has come up. Maybe the possibility of more doesn't occur to anyone or they...
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    Polyamory online meetup possible?

    I'd be happy to join a zoom group meet. :)
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    Unapologetic unicorn hunter here..

    Sounds to me like you should just hire a hooker! .....laaaaady in rrreeeed....
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    Curious about a Poly lifestyle

    I think maybe Our arguments boil down to semantics. looking for and searching for? One is passive and one is active? I’m not really smart when it comes to these things In my experience I only know that when I was closed I still had wishes and desires but I kept them to myself. When I was...
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    Curious about a Poly lifestyle

    I read here daily and rarely post anything. I’m always puzzled by posts of people “looking for”. My experience has always been that “it” just finds you and your search only involves being open to what life and love bring you. I was a “sister wife” in a closed V for almost 15 years and very...