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    Poly in Scotland

    Scotland I'm in North America and new to this site also but interested in chatting to learn more and network. Who knows maybe one day we'll make it over.
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    Female looking for a couple

    Reply Female Looking for Couple We live near Chattanooga in the county. She is busy homemaker with community interests. He works outside the house but does work from home sometimes. We both want to add to our household long term. We are very artistic, She photography. He writes and is an...
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    Anyone in Nashville or Middle Tennessee??

    Anyone in Nashville or Middle Tennessee We have a home near Chattanooga but come to Nashville on occasion to enjoy the sights, restaurant and entertainments. It might be good to join a group with similar interests while visiting.
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    NH/MA Couple

    We're looking to grow our family with another female with hopes of it becoming a long term relationship. An open couple looking to share our life or maybe help a young lady start her career with a stable foundation. If interested consider contacting. She is a homemaker and He Office work mostly.
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    We totally understand the rarity of finding the right person however this unique relationship is meant to be beneficial to everyone involved and not to our exclusive benefit which is how it was received. I am big enough to apologize if your reply was misunderstood. Our post was an introduction...
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    Hey we're not looking to exploit someone (auto spell errors in previous) or start some pointless debate. This is no "experiment". We are serious sincere people that want to share our life. If that's to far off for this forum okay. If not then instead of throwing dirt how about contributing...
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    We are an a couple that has tried in the past to expand our family with other women and usually end up with a sexual partner or drama queen neither adds to our family's success. We're looking to open our lives to someone or someones (2) that can appreciate the world we're building, can benefit...