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    Anyone read the novel Luster?

    I've had several poly and poly-adjacent folks recommend the novel Luster by Raven Leilani. However, from what I can glean, it's more about wealth/privilege, race, and general human awfulness than polyamory. (Also the husband at the center of it sounds like an absolute bag of dicks.) OTOH, it's...
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    Poly Journalizing!

    Hi there! I've been discussing stuff over in the Introductions thread, but I think it's time to start a journal. I don't want to start this with the ghosting/relationship stuff, though--it's getting to me today, and I'd rather not dwell on it more than I have, for now. I'll go there later...
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    Need community!

    Hi all! My name's Sarah. My husband and I spent our first thirteen years monogamous. About a decade ago, I fell in love with a friend and we gradually transitioned--with quite a lot of negotiation--to polyamory. That first relationship ended, but we kept the poly. :) I'm here mostly because I...