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  1. lemniscate

    My Ice Cream Analogy

    YES! I love what you said. Very nice.
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    Unicorns & Unicorn Hunters - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    I agree with NeonKaos; an actual unicorn would be someone who only dates that particular couple, no one else. I also date a couple, but I'm married to a man I love, therefore, I'm not a unicorn. I just happen to date two people who happen to be married to each other. Thus, I am not good for...
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    The Polyamorous Dating Scene

    Well, hell, now I want them to visit me!!
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    sex questions

    I apologize, I should have been more complete in my answer. The concept had been denied to me in my personal life before by past lovers. I realize now that adding that detail would have made more sense. My apologies; it was not directed at anyone on the board. I have no problem with anything...
  5. lemniscate

    sex questions

    I am the same way. I see sex as bonding me to the person I'm making love with, it's part of why I'm so discerning. I only have sex with people I want to make that bond or connection with. I can't believe someone would deny that this happens with people! Of course it happens. We're...
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    is there a better word?

    I just call my husband my husband, my boyfriend my boyfriend, and his wife my girlfriend, or my boyfriend's wife if I'm trying to keep context. I guess though that because I'm married, this makes it a little easier to do that. However, I don't think of my boyfriend and girlfriend as...
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    The Polyamorous Dating Scene

    Do they wear sexy uniforms? :p
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    Maybe I'm NOT so Poly

    I agree. It may seem scarier to know, but honestly, I think it's scarier and more anxiety producing not to know.
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    The Polyamorous Dating Scene

    Here's another vote for OKC! I met my wonderful amazing boyfriend on there. He was listed as the highest match percentage for me in my area, and they were RIGHT. I could be a walking advertisement for that site. Polymatchmaker is a nice site, and we met some really nice friends from there...
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    Imagine your ideal relationships.

    Honestly, and while I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I am proud and delighted to say that I am living my ideal relationship/s. I actually have all my needs met and am enjoying helping others meet their needs. This might seem braggy... but oh well! If your life is great, be loud and proud I...
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    Jealousy, Envy, Insecurity, etc.: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    To me it seems like what you're really feeling is afraid that you are not as loveable or important as the other folks in your situation rather than jealous per se, because as you say, you like your husband's girlfriend. First of all, in my opinion, I am sure that there are things your boyfriend...
  12. lemniscate

    Poly Couples Wanted For Student Documentary (Based in Michigan But Can Travel

    I would love to help out, but I'm much too far away. Best of luck though!
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    Hi there!

    Thank you so much nycindie! Part of why I came here was that I was hoping it was a place I could express myself in regards to my loss and subsequently trying to conceive later. I am a member of some other forums that deal specifically with those sorts of things, but they are definitely not...
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    Compersion... am I the only one who dislikes the word?

    I used to not like the word compersion because it didn't sound like a real word; but I do use it often now because when talking with others, especially at discussion groups and such, it is useful for describing the situation it defines without going on and on and on. (And I'm a blabber, so I...
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    Maybe I'm NOT so Poly

    Okay, I read the other threads. Wow, mama, you have gotten yourself into a mess! What it seems to me is that your relationship is pretty darn dysfunctional. My advice from my previous reply still stands, but honestly, if I were you, I would just leave.
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    Struggling with jealousy

    You seem like such a nice person! I can tell that you are really trying to do this the right way and you care a lot. Admitting that you're having jealousy can be difficult, and I admire that you are trying to work through your situation. Second, I agree that perhaps rather than straight up...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    I hear ya about that!!! I'm 6ft tall, which is tall for a lady, and I'm also somewhat er... fluffy. My hubby is 6'2" and my boyfriend is almost 6'6". His wife is average height but also of the somewhat fluffy variety, as is my husband's girlfriend (do we see a pattern here? lol) So sleeping...
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    Maybe I'm NOT so Poly

    First of all, I think you are really brave for coming onto a forum and baring your heart and your emotions, strong as though they may be for others to comment. That's pretty cool, and that's honesty. I have to say that I agree with Redpepper that DADT generally causes more harm than good...
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    My Ice Cream Analogy

    I find that neither analogy works for me either. I just have a lot of love to give, and didn't want to limit how many people I can share it with... I don't see it as anything else other than that sentence at face value. I do of course realize that we're all different with different...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    When it comes to sex / sleeping / other bedroom activities in the world of poly there are many options, and many different configurations and answers that you'll get if you ask anyone what they personally do and how they personally arrange their relationships. I do agree with other posters that...