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    Where al the UK Poly Peeps?

    Welcome to the site. Tell us about your journey and how you got to this point and why you choose it?
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    Finding others...

    Thank you
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    Finding others...

    Thank you.
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    Finding others...

    I want to ask you about the list of websites that you have listed. Can you tel me which have worked for you or have lots of poly people and also which sites are more for Hookups rather than relationships and which are more into relationship forming?
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    Finding others...

    What resources are you using to get to find Poly people and how is that going. Poly in the UK is not so prominent as it is in the USA. Also you have so many great Poly people in the USA from what I have seen on websites. Also in the UK there does not seem to be mnay Poly people on the...
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    Finding others...

    I am find the exact same problem. Of not being able to find and link with Poly People. I am based in England. So this problem is even worse than yours. As I see that the USA has so much more available and so many people are based in the USA that are poly. So I am a little jealous of you...
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    UK Male - Seeks a MM Couple

    I am a UK male, wanting and looking for a Cis MM Couple ( I am also open to others) that I can be part of to form a loving and caring relationship with. The UK is not very progressive when it comes to Polyamory compared to the USA. So this is the reason I have placed this ad in the - North...
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    Single woman looking for 2

    Hi. I am very open to having a MMF dynamic. Happy to chat. Want something very meaningful.
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    Where al the UK Poly Peeps?

    Hello Everyone. Come and say Hi and introduce yourself. I have just joined and would be great to see the demographic of where every Poly person is in the Uk and hopefully make some local connections and have some chats. Im 41 Male and based in Southampton UK.
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    what? no uk peeps

    Yes UK - Southampton. I know I am fairly late to this thread but thought I would respond anyway.
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    41 - Male from Southampton, England / UK

    Hello This is my first post and I have just registered on here today (Sat 1 May 2022). With the intention of connecting and find other poly people in the Uk that are ideally close by (though alos open to people outside of the UK). That I can connect with and see where things go. I have...
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    Poly in Buffalo, NY

    There are a few options: Here are some apps - Feeld & #Open (#Open is very Poly and so many people on there) & Bumble & Okcupid Here is a website - Hope that helps.
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    Looking for FMM in DC

    Hello I hear what you are looking for and completely understand your intentions. Love and connection is also my goal and aim. As in many cases a lot of the people that are poly and amazing seem to be all in America. I think you guys are amazing. What are your thoughts on Long distant...
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    Dating Apps

    You could try - #Open and Feeld and Bumble - these are apps. As for websites you could try - Okcupid or It is far easier for a female for gaining success over men.