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  1. calimero

    what? no uk peeps

    It would be good to know how many others there are around here.. We are Derby area.. :) Cali - owned and collared Slave of Masterq81
  2. calimero

    Advice from others needed

    When we began realising we were both the type of people that leaned towards poly we were adamant that it would never be another man involved.. however, we have realised that we actually are open to this... and do now have someone else that has helped us realise this.. although we do not believe...
  3. calimero

    Derbyshire M/s couple looking for male/female to meet as friends and possibly more.

    We are a Couple looking for a someone that can fit into our lifestyle... We are really wanted to find a Male that would join us ( mostly Myself with Master watching) for Sexual playtimes and intimate times and friendship. We would expect you to respect our boundries and the way we like to do...
  4. calimero

    what? no uk peeps

    hello, we are between Derby and nottingham, in a little part called Heanor. It is lovely the views we get just stepping out the house. Ps sorry its took me so long to reply.. I forgot my details.
  5. calimero

    hi from uk couple

    I am one half of a married couple living in Derbyshire Uk. I believe that Master will be along at some point, or we may actually sign up with a couples profile, however on here I think it maybe useful to have a profile each. We have a relationship, in which sexually we do involve others. We...
  6. calimero

    Relationship Anarchy in the UK

    Hello and welcome. We are new too. :D
  7. calimero

    Loss of Impromptu Private Moments

    I read this post with great interest...and can I just say that in all my thinking about how we are going to make a poly relationship work, the loss of those private moments had not occured to me. But a realisation did sink in when I read this that my DH would also be having private moments with...
  8. calimero

    what? no uk peeps

    Hi, I am posting on behalf of us both, as sure my Husband will be about when he is not working so hard.. Anyway, we are a couple from Derbyshire. New to the Poly way of thinking, well new to realising we could make it a reality anyway.