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    Talking it out

    Fuck covid. I really wish regular boosters were a thing already. I've been masking and avoiding crowded indoor spaces again because it's so bad in my area. Fingers crossed it stays away from me. My lungs are tired.
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    Metamour Situation

    So this isn't polyamory. There is nothing ethical happening here. She's essentially openly cheating now instead of bothering to hide it since getting caught. He is cheating on his clueless wife. Your kids are how old? They can't be enjoying this situation either. If I were you? I wouldn't...
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    Talking it out

    The summer has flown by. It's been fun but exhausting. I had a major illness that slowed me down for a month as well. Rough. We are hoping to plan some international travel next year. That is new for all of us. I've been to Canada but that's it. Hubby and Boy have never left the states...
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    Talking it out

    LG has started referring to Boy as her "part-time parent." She says he's like a parent when he's here but is like a friend when he's not here. I think that's adorable. Boy was worried that Hubby would be upset by that. Hubby has no opinion on it and is happy the child is surrounded by...
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    Vicki's Journey Continues...

    We LOVE taking family vacations! Hubby and I get dedicated kid-free time, Boy feels like he's being helpful, LG gets the memories with all her people, I get to stress about the finances of travel less, Hubby doesn't feel pressured to do the outdoorsy stuff. We all win!
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    Talking it out

    They said they wouldn't see me unless it was all of us, so yes, I replied that it would only be "fair" if they didn't see each other without me either - otherwise it is just a big old double standard from the get go. Lol I might be weird, but I enjoy being a unicorn now and then. I've dated a...
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    Talking it out

    Hubby and I have kept up on date nights and have a long weekend planned next month. Boy will be spending 3 nights with LG and the pets for us. He will have to take her to 3 different activities and is both dreading it (lots of people) and looking forward to it (being there for the kid, letting...
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    Unsure and seeking guidance stay at home dad.

    I was poly before my kid was born so my situation is very different than yours, but... the time commitment is whatever time you need to maintain the relationships you want. For me? I spend 2 days/one night a week with my non- nesting partner (right now that translates to Friday into Saturday...
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    Help Needed! Best Way to Intentionally Plan for 'Polyfamory' Legally?

    It's easier if there are no legal marriages, in my opinion. Set everything up independently - medical proxy/ representatives, estate planning, property ownership, etc. There are legal ways to make ALL involved adults have input without the legal marriage confusing things. Ideally, no one will...
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    Talking it out

    A very relaxing, very decadent weekend with Boy happened. Sport is going well. First competition for me happened and LG moved up a level. She has been placing on the lower end, but still placing, which is amazing. Her hard work is being recognized by people outside of our small group 💖 Hubby...
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    What are married poly women looking for?

    As a married poly person... I'm looking for someone whose personality meshes with mine and whose schedule can work with mine. Most married poly men don't fit that BECAUSE... schedules fucking suck. I've also had my share of experiences with wives/cohabiting partners ending up having a major...
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    I would worry about baby momma dragging polyamory/ your recent divorce then quick marriage into the custody case. If the lawyer isn't worried about it, though, you must live in a good location for nontraditional families. As for marriage creating equality in a relationship? Eh. I don't buy it...
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    Control vs. respect: spouse vs. partner

    But if someone is bad/unsafe for spouse? You've mentioned some pretty serious sounding mental health concerns in the not so distant past. Is having partner around your shared space worth the risk of spouse having another crisis? Honestly, this is why I don't get involved with non-polyam...
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    Control vs. respect: spouse vs. partner

    How old is your child and how long have you been seeing your newer partner? Is that a factor at all for having the newer person in your shared home? Genuinely curious. I'm typically a "safe space" believer. If my partner or kid isn't comfortable with someone in their home? That person doesn't...
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    Polyamorous with small kids?

    You'd be surprised at how stealthy some kids are lol
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    Polyamorous with small kids?

    Swinging/casual sex partners/fwbs ARE friends. It isn't lying to your kids to only tell or show them the age appropriate parts of your friendships. Now if you're having another full, romantic relationship.. Why not be honest? It isn't really different than a single parent dating. If they're...
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    Where can I meet 2 males that want a MfM relationship?

    A triad is one of the hardest relationship structures to maintain. Is there a reason you're set on that instead of just meeting people and allowing the relationships to develop naturally however they feel right?
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    Why does it always have to be at my house?

    How often is she sleeping over? Once a week? Twice? More?
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    Talking it out

    A gnarly cold worked its way through the family. I am feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. I've gained back about 20 of the almost 50 pounds I lost so I am trying to be more intentional about my intake again without becoming calorie obsessed. That and going to bed on time with likely...
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    Talking it out

    Nothing new happening lately. We are all eager for holiday traditions. Picking out a tree was a blast with LG having more of an opinion this year. Gifts are multiplying way too quickly so since her love language is gift giving. All adults would rather not add clutter, but it's hard to say no...