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  1. mountaingirl

    I was a simp. Not proud of it. Any saving it?

    people* dont respect other people* on dating apps. or anymore in general. I could start an entire thread on how shit men are on dating apps. but i know that's got more to do with my sample size (i have a lot of straight female friends) than the fact that MeN dOnT rEsPeCT wOmEN aNyMOrE On THeSe...
  2. mountaingirl

    Still learning to ride the wave

    As Pea has been away, I have done a lot of thinking. It has taken me awhile to get comfortable with the subtle dancing Pea, Joe and I do around each other. I grew up in a household where lies were normal and so were loud, violent arguments, and I was in a romantic relationship for several years...
  3. mountaingirl

    Still learning to ride the wave

    Not a 100% positive post (gee I should've posted AS SOON as I got back from vacation lol) but a real one. I had a great time traveling with Joe and Pea. I cried on the way back to the airport with Pea. We were having so much fun, I didn't want it to end :') There was a moment where Pea was...
  4. mountaingirl

    going on a trip with boyfriend, husband is hurt

    I did lol. I read up to this post before I left and it was helpful. The last few days before taking off with Pea were a little difficult between Joe and me, but ultimately Joe really appreciated traveling on his own for a week. Pea was over the moon that we got to travel alone together. I'm not...
  5. mountaingirl

    going on a trip with boyfriend, husband is hurt

    Just tuning back into this! His answer: he loves me, sees me as his wife, and doesn't think me being poly changes that. He enjoys hanging out with Pea and me. A note on openness that @Tinwen mentioned: Joe says something similar, so maybe that's a trending sentiment among mono ppl with polys. I...
  6. mountaingirl

    It Don’t Matter to Me

    my dad quoted this entire song when i told him I was poly lol In some ways I feel like we've gone backwards since then, but what do I know 👶
  7. mountaingirl

    going on a trip with boyfriend, husband is hurt

    Wow, I appreciate everyone's feedback! I was going to reply to each, but that's going to take way too long and there are some common threads. I totally understand the take some had, that a Caribbean trip was not the same as an adventurous CR thing. A few people mentioned that, and it's not...
  8. mountaingirl

    going on a trip with boyfriend, husband is hurt

    In defense, I'm not one to come on here to say "everything is going great"... and if i do it isn't in the poly relationships corner.
  9. mountaingirl

    going on a trip with boyfriend, husband is hurt

    hello! My husband (Joe) is leaving for 3 weeks coming up. im meeting with him halfway through. during the week and a half that he is solo traveling, i planned a trip with my boyfriend (Pea). originally it was just going to be me visiting central america alone, but joe and i agreed that pea...
  10. mountaingirl

    poly living arrangements

    oop these are a lot of replies! thanks everyone! it's cool to see so many diff living configurations in one place. Some notes: Separate rooms for everyone is SO nice. Joe just moved his stuff into an empty room upstairs and I feel single in a way I didn't think i needed. I definitely...
  11. mountaingirl

    poly living arrangements

    hopefully this is in the right place! maybe more of a general poly discussion? but it's something ive thought about a lot in reference to my specific situation. Two partners and I live together. In the near future (i.e. once I graduate) I am looking forward to making more $$ and not having...
  12. mountaingirl

    Need help, first time

    This! It's a lot easier to be happy in a poly relationship (and any relationship for that matter) if you accept the potential limits (i.e. not being able to have your own kid with this person, perhaps not living together full time) and instead of lamenting them (if you decide they are acceptable...
  13. mountaingirl

    Still learning to ride the wave

    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ A couple cool dreams that have to do with poly! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ the stone fell out of my marriage ring (i say marriage ring because Joe and I didn't have a wedding lol) and joe found it and put it back. it was teardrop shaped and much larger than it is irl, with gold and diamonds wrapped...
  14. mountaingirl

    Any success stories of married couples transitioning to polyamory?

    Once you sift through the scary posts on here there are quite a few of them. I think perusing the blogs is the best way to find examples.
  15. mountaingirl

    How to show commitment to the non spouse partner

    As far as a physical sign of commitment, there are actually these things called "forever jewelry" basically you have a bracelet welded onto your wrist, so you'd have to break it to get it off. some of them look really cool, but they're usually not very masculine looking if that's a concern. you...
  16. mountaingirl

    Roast me...?

    Why would he feel this way...? because you said you wanted to meet with this person, or because you actually went ahead and met with this person? I'm confused how communicating your desires would cause your partner to not trust you so did you have this convo with rope before talking to tree...
  17. mountaingirl

    Still learning to ride the wave

    @Magdlyn This all makes sense. And yeah I've never really thought about the tradition of passing possessions thru the male line and how that kinda doesnt make sense lol I can't speak for other poly configurations, but I have found that this one (MFM) goes especially strong against the...
  18. mountaingirl

    Still learning to ride the wave

    Was talking with Joe today and he said a couple things: 1. That he has had to change the mindset he had from when me and Pea first started dating; that it was just he (Joe) and I, and that whatever was going on with Pea didn't really have to do with us. Joe said now he sees that all three of us...
  19. mountaingirl

    Metamour Situation

    ur wife is being a shitty hinge (not dealing with bf problems herself) and she needs to figure this out. if bf's complaints are being brought to you, my guess is she's throwing her hands up and blaming you when bf gets annoyed that they can't be more 'spontaneous', when she's already made...