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    Any poly nerds? 🤓 😆

    Well it's mostly a joke, really. But basically I feel that they helped saturate the hobby with a particular play philosophy. It's not a bad philosophy, I just feel that the hobby was richer when it was less popular. Obviously this is a 1000% accurate and objective belief that I will stand by...
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    Any poly nerds? 🤓 😆

    I'm pretty late to this, but I'm down to chat if you're still interested. I kinda have a bone to pick with Critical Role though. :P
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    American Man Interested in German Ladies

    Hi! I'm a single guy, 29, from America. More about me in my bio. Last year I visited my cousin and her family in Kaiserslautern, and I loved it! I'm strongly considering moving to Germany myself, but without knowing any locals I fear that I would have a bad time. Are any young women in...
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    Single Guy Looking for Connection in NY State

    Hi, all! I'm a single, 29 year old man hoping to spend some time with women around my age. I have lots of free time so I'm willing to travel a bit. More about me in my profile.