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    Here to FINALLY Express myself authentically :-)

    Welcome to the forum. : ) dottie

    New to the forum but not to polyamory

    I'm so glad things are working out for you and your wife. You have much to celebrate. I would like to extend my condolences as well for the loss of your partner. My second hubs died and I lost my dad to cancer so I've been there. ❤️ Welcome to the forum. : ) dottie

    Barbie Movie

    I can respect that. I have to be careful with what I see as in a show or reading. My brain just won't let go of shit. I have made the mistake of reading things that I should NEVER have...omg...writing research or just general curiosity.

    Barbie Movie

    I'm with you on Barbie but...I saw the TV version of the Exorcist many years ago and couldn't sleep for a

    New and happy now

    Welcome to the forum. : ) dottie

    Me and my gf

    Welcome to the forum. : ) dottie

    Bisexual, ENM woman - where r they?

    You are most welcome. : ) There is no rush. Several years back, I went searching for a solution for the difficulties I had with my then marriage and our sexual relationship and discovered that, after "trying on" several words, I'm demisexual. It took me some time and a lot of reading and...


    I would recommend talking to your partner about what you think and feel. I believe in throwing everything out there and not holding anything back. It's easier to make decisions and have a discussion if everyone is open and up front. There is nothing wrong with being mono or poly but if it's...

    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    Sending good thoughts your way. Hope you feel better soon. : ( 💗

    Bisexual, ENM woman - where r they?

    Hello and welcome to the forums! : ) I am straight myself so I'm not familiar with that experience; however, if you're looking for "your people", sometimes it just takes a while. : ) It took me a long time and found that those in BDSM/kinksters are more mine. I had to try different groups...

    How Do I Edit My Profile?

    Alrighty! I got it now! lol I hit that at some point but couldn't remember how to get back. 🤦‍♀️

    How Do I Edit My Profile?

    That's probably the route I'm gonna hafta go. I can get there but don't know how to edit so it doesn't matter anyway. lol

    How Do I Edit My Profile?

    I haven't seen a place for questions or who to contact so, I'm putting this here... How the heck do I make out my profile? I haven't done it yet because I haven't figured it out. lol I am having some struggles with the platform. I'm outta practice. : / dottie

    Introducing Me

    Singlehood is a word I don't think I've ever Niiice. : ) I agree. It does lead to growth and improvement. I try to keep that in mind because that is important, imo. You have a very lucky partner. : ) I know. I've found out that there are sooooo many options for having a...

    Why and how did you get into poly?

    When I joined the BDSM community two years ago is when I began learning about polyamory. My first Dom was married and poly, had several submissives. My second Dom was married and both he and his wife were poly. In the course of my submissive journey, I have done a lot of research and asked my...

    Introducing Me

    Thank you both for the welcomes. 💗 A transition for places and events are easier than personal/in my mind types. I can visit places while people ahead of time before something big, or if those aren't options, I simply have to give myself time for "recovery" afterward. I can't seem...

    Introducing Me

    Hello. I’m dot or dottie, 52, new to Kansas City, and back on the road to singlehood (if that was the word). I have four boys and 3 grandkids. I got an introduction to polyamory via my first Dom in BDSM. Ironically, my second Dom was also. In the process, I have done much reading and learning...