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  1. lithoman

    Seattle - looking for a partner or two

    Hi there! I'm an ENM and married poly man in Seattle. Besides my beautiful bride, who has a very busy poly calendar, I have a partner in Surrey, BC. What we have is great but getting together can be tricky. I am looking for partners that are much more local to me. We practice kitchen table...
  2. lithoman

    Wife is poly, I am not, this is very new

    By the time my wife found this partner, we had already configured our living arrangement and put to bed any concerns or fears. I met the people he was living with at the time and my wife would stay with them one week and with me the next. She still spends MUCH more time with him than with me...
  3. lithoman

    Wife is poly, I am not, this is very new

    One of the things I did with my wife's main partner, who does, for all intents and purposes live with us, was start to get to know him apart from my wife. He is super respectful of me and my feelings about my wife and I am about his about her. It wasn't easy, but it was simple. I would hang out...
  4. lithoman

    Advice for older polyamorists seeking partners

    Ever since I hit my 60's, I've felt like a pariah when it comes to (trying to) date. It may be there are other factors coincidental to that such as a pandemic and changes to people's behavior as a result. I've moved to a strategy of attending meetups so that I can be more present and available...
  5. lithoman

    Why and how did you get into poly?

    I voted 'Other' because while I've tried monogamy (married 3x), what got me into identifying as polyamorous was not related to that. My wife, to whom I am currently, and happily married to, decided to open our marriage without telling me. At least that's how I characterize it. I discovered...
  6. lithoman

    New to the forum but not to polyamory

    Thank you Dottie!
  7. lithoman

    New to the forum but not to polyamory

    Thank you! It's taken work and teamwork to decide how we are, as well as who we are individually. I will admit it took a really long time for my anger about the deception to pass and for my strategy for dealing with all of it to change to a more loving one from one where I was just looking to...
  8. lithoman

    New to the forum but not to polyamory

    Hi, I'm Mark! My wife and I have been polyamorous for several years. The greatest benefit to our marriage from polyamory is much improved communication. She had been cheating on me for a couple of years because she was afraid I'd leave her if I knew she was interested in sex with other men...