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  1. MrPHFJ

    I need advise on opening my marriage 😊

    Everything is temporary - Treat is as it can last forever, and always remember the truth of the matter.
  2. MrPHFJ

    Congrats on that expression!

    Congrats on that expression!
  3. MrPHFJ

    Do your thing Pops!!

    Do your thing Pops!!
  4. MrPHFJ

    Here to FINALLY Express myself authentically :-)

    Greetings - Feel free to call me Paul (That's my name). It's been almost 20 years (17-ish) since I've realized what "I AM" and have been feeling in terms of relationships. Amazingly grateful to have connected with this community those years ago, and admittedly ashamed that I've been "quiet"...