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    disconnect in our home, distractions

    The guys and I were sitting in the kitchen this a.m. after doing our normal feed the animals, etc we do in the a.m. as usual, everyone was on tablets doing whatevr. Once I was done, I sat quietly waiting for the guys to be done. Didnt happen. I began talking about something and quickly realized...
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    Are these good profiles?

    Copy and paste your profil stuff into whatever document program you use... most have spell/gramatic checkers.
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    Couple For Woman

    Opal, marijauna is usually considered an herb..not a drug per say..
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    We have 2 male dogs; 120lb german shephard and what I call a weenie-pincher (dachsund n min pin mix).... OFCOURSE the name stuck bc he used to run under the shephard....ummm yeah..pinchin shephards weenie... Currently, we have 5 cats..aall rescues.. a long hair blk one, a russian blue,a lynx...
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    Abbreviations and such

    I am rather caught up on the lingo, however, I still dont think its cute..and I hate it.. however, it seems people are no longer educated in the art of writting full sentences..boy we have become a lazy society since we now feel the need to abbreviate and shorten everything when we communicate...
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    I would love a steady poly thing w 2 men who are friends...does this exist?

    My husbands are very good friends, so much so, they often refer to eachother as their brother to others outside of our home...haha, I have yet to hear them say they are "brother husbands" or something to that effect, but I am waiting for it.
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    I would love a steady poly thing w 2 men who are friends...does this exist?

    We are a V also..2 guys, 1 girl. We are going on 4 yrs together and going strong.
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    Polyamory in television shows

    Ha! Funny, I didnt realise there was another season going.. hmmm. Me thinks I been out of touch w tv since we purchased our home bout 6 months ago.
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    National paper looking to interview someone who believes in polamory

    Eleanor, she hasnt responded to my post here... which is likely bc she wnts ppl to contact her via her personal email... I am gonna shoot her an email and let her know she has some responses and questions frm inquiring minds... Personally, I am a bit leary participating in something like...
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    National paper looking to interview someone who believes in polamory

    Couple questions Sue.. What National Paper would said article appear? And if you are writting an article for a paper, why would participants need to travel to London for a shoot? And even more clarification please, on who you want to talk to, most of our relationships are more than just...
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    Co-habitation/Communal Living

    I live in Arizona, I see alot of hispanic families, some also happen to be immigrants themselves, doing this very thing, multi family cohabitation. It is nothing new, they have been doing this since before I was born. I can tell you this, they save so much money doing this that most of them end...
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    There is marinol, which is pill form, however it is synthetic... I suppose pill form could be a viable option for actual thc if you can find a carrier to extract the thc grape seed oil or something, but I would say dose might be an issue, may have to take 6 plus pills to get same...
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    Thoughts on menopause.... well, it is a normal part of a womans just is, so we must deal w it... About people speaking of it in public... I personally dont find it neccessary to discuss menopause in public in general...I certainly didnt go around bringing it up at every chance I felt...
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    I was referring to conversations had.... never once said we sat around and did nothing... we also biked, hiked...whatever floated our boats... but that didnt mean we didnt have some interesting conversation along the way. ;-)
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    Its all good... thats what happens when someone starts a "weed" thread, it eventually gets derailed into other "stoner" type conversation... invite a bunch of stoners into conversation, you are only asking to get it derailed and on track with other conversation not even pertaining to original...
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    Oh yes, I too took part in lines...
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    Hmm, ok.
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    A whole onion? How was it affixed to your belt? Why wear an onion?
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    Buying a house

    We just purchased our home Oct of last year we did not tell our realitor anything about our relationship is really none of their business. Now, qualifying everyone for the same mortgage may be tricky due to credit circumstances, in tht case, as we did, the mortgage is in my husbands...
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    I actually miss the days when people would carry on conversations, minus all this web speak and abbreviations... those were the days when one could carry on and follow a conversation without asking someone to clarify..or having to find some stupid key on the net to try to follow a conversation.