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    My head hasn't exploded yet.

    I'm reading Robert Wright's Why Buddhism is True and he talks about an olden-days monk who advises something along the lines of "trying to attain enlightenment by rational thought will make your head explode". This has come to mind a lot in the last few weeks trying to psychologically...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    My long-time lover forced the issue, which has so far led to an amazing revitalization of our relationship. I found that while I had been exposed to critiques of monogamy even back to teen years, I had just accepted monogamy as the necessary way of things all through my adult life, while being...
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    Shocked into Reality? The weirdest and most wonderful couple weeks of my life? WTF is going on with me?

    Introducing me. Pretty young Male 61 . . .have some issues but I can do plank for 1:45, lol. Ten year relationship changing form, hopefully? Maybe? A disintegrating relationship revived after my dearest "took a lover" who is her mentor in non-monogamy? But revivable truly only in the...