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    Husband feeling left out

    This sounds reasonable. I am new to Polly while my primary partner has a lot more experience. So much that he thinks he knows everything 🤣. I get a lot out of reading polyamory books and listening to podcasts. Doing this together would help with some of our discussion and would be a good...
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    Candie's dilemma, partner feeling left out (moved by mod)

    Oh my goodness!! I just found this group and message area today because I wanted to find support / advice for this! My primary partner is feeling left out because he does not have a solo partner and I have three. (two local) He is telling me to limit to one for now. I do not want to do this. I...
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    Poly Fallout, advice needed

    Hi Looking for someone to talk with about a challenge we are having in a relatively new Poly/ open relationship. Found your response in this thread and can tell that you are experienced and feel that you would have good insight. I just found this message area and not sure yet how to...