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    In Washington state? Or in Washington, DC?

    In Washington state? Or in Washington, DC?
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    Hello, lovely KCollins, and welcome to Where are you located?

    Hello, lovely KCollins, and welcome to Where are you located?
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    Open marriage

    Hello, Goddessvibes, and welcome to! In what way(s) are you struggling to come to terms with your husband's interest in polyamory?
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    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    Wow, that was quite the hike! I'm glad that you made it down safely, with the assistance of the search and rescue team. Was there still daylight by the time the descent was complete?
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    Confused and worried

    Good to know! Now might be a good time to ask your partner to set up communication (whether rarely used or otherwise) between you and his wife -- at minimum to discuss emergencies.
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    Confused and worried

    Yes, let's hope your partner is just resting! If you don't hear from him in the near future and you contact his wife, it will be a good opportunity to test the waters on the level of honesty and trust in your relationship. However you proceed and whatever results, please let us know how things...
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    Confused and worried

    Thanks for the additional information, SC78, that's very helpful! I can see why you are concerned. Has your partner explicitly told you that his wife is aware of you? (You wrote only that "to my knowledge" and "as far as I know" his wife is aware of you.) In my opinion (and, of course, it's...
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    Confused and worried

    Hello, SoccerChick78, and welcome to the site! I'm new here myself, but not to polyamory. You wrote that you haven't yet met your relationship partner's wife, but does she at least know of you and her husband's relationship with you? That seems like pertinent information in figuring out how...
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    Hello, Caesar, and welcome!
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    How much time are you spending on sex?

    Lots of exciting sex, a strong connection, solid communication, and lots of empathy and emotional support -- that does indeed sound like a winning combination that may require only a bit of tweaking of emphasis towards fun non-sexual activities.
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    Anyone located in Arkansas?

    Hello, C&H. If you enter Arkansas in the Search feature here, you'll find quite a few posts regarding Arkansas (though most of them are from years ago).
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    New to this, need help!

    I, too, think that setting a timeline to have things sorted out and improved by December is wise for all three of you.
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    New to this, need help!

    Amen! What a great reply, GalaGirl!
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    New to this, need help!

    I think you're being really generous towards both your wife and Lexi. From what you've described, you haven't had anything like the leisurely one-on-one time with Lexi, or with your wife, since Lexi came into the picture, while your wife and Lexi have had the initial week-long visit and also...
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    New to this, need help!

    Hello, Verita, and welcome. The pain you describe is palpable. It's almost as if you (on the one hand) and your wife and Lexi (on the other hand) are living in parallel universes. In one sense, your situation has everything to do with polyamory; but in another sense, it seems not to be very...
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    Introducing Me

    Hello, and welcome, Dot! Yes, singlehood is a perfectly fine word. *smiling* I agree with Magdlyn. Transition can be traumatic, but often lead (sometimes in the loooong run) to growth and improvement. I have had a neurodivergent partner, which taught me a lot. I am a big fan of...
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    This is PinkGirl's quote: "It has been a long time since we’ve been home so I purchased a plane ticket for him with the understanding that his friends would visit for a few days in his hometown and a few days in NY." She doesn't say anything about his "asking" to go home. Also, she purchased a...
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    I recommend that the two of you seek couples therapy when he returns, PinkGirl. Even if you remain determined to decouple from him, therapy is likely to yield useful guidance. It seems as if the two of you will have quite a bit more to unpack than his luggage.
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    Do you think your husband realizes the gravity of the situation between the two of you? That you feel on the brink of ending the marriage?
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    Thank you. That leads me to two more questions. First, is this behavior totally out of the blue? That is, until this trip was there a strong bond of trust and honesty between the two of you? I understand that polyamory is new to the two of you, but have there been other instances (not...