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    Informational Privacy

    I seek consent from my partners before divulging information. For example, my husband is uncomfortable with sharing specifics, even with my BFF, but previous partners have been fine with it. In turn, I expect the same from my partners, but I really don't have any qualms about it personally. A...
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    I'm newly poly, is there room for relationships + promiscuity?

    I feel that I depends on the boundaries within your existing relationships. For example, my husband and I do not have a need to "approve" of each other's partners, but we do need to abide by our boundary regarding safer sex, meaning condoms must always be used. So, for us, one night stands are...
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    So This Is How It Starts

    As the idea of Opening runs as an undercurrent the exploration of my sexuality is brought into focus. I develop a Big Crush on a trans woman at work. She was hella cute. There was reciprocated flirting (ok with Beard). There was a longing for more (which would not have been ok with Beard). I let...
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    So This Is How It Starts

    The players: Superfly - cis-female, pansexual, poly, 27 Beard - cis-male, hetero, poly(?), 30, husband to Superfly. We have been together 9 years, married for 3. We have talked about opening pur marriage in various forms for the last several (3? 4?) years, but haven't until we felt our...
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    Opening my marriage to poly relationships

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, there are some excellent ideas to try. While we are excited to see where this journey takes us, actually getting out there is seeming very intimidating.
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    Opening my marriage to poly relationships

    My husband and I have been discussing exploring polyamorous relationships for YEARS. It was initially my idea (prior to him monogamy hadn't been a focus or interest for me) and at first he was hesitant but we are now both sure that it would work for us. Our main hesitation now is the logistics...