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    Very new to it all

    Thank You Thank you everyone for the welcomes and Magdlyn Thank you for the book recommendations! I plan to check them out. I appreciate your insight and how you have done things. I know my older 3 daughters would be very open and accepting. My older son not so much. Have no clue how my 6...
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    Very new to it all

    The talk I had A 'talk'. At first mention of it, even though I mentioned it in a VERY casual and playful way there was burst of frustration and anger from him. We were laughing with each other and I said well maybe I need to find a second husband who could take some of strain off of the things...
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    Very new to it all

    Hello Everyone, I'm very new here. Exploring and going with what I have a strong drawing inside of me. I'm married and have been for just shy of 15 years. My husband currently has no idea of my thoughts although we have 'joked' about it and he had a dream that I had another husband living...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    I am new here. Exploring one could say. I found out that people really live this lifestyle *and this may make you laugh:D* when I binge watched Big Love the HBO show while I worked about 7 years ago *I work from home* I was intrigued. I've done tons of research on it however, my husband is...