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    thanks for the responses... mostly only reply to private messages

    thanks for the responses... mostly only reply to private messages
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    Poly in Scotland

    huh Reading the M and F thing is confusing :) You should insert Jane and Joe for fun! :)
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    New York / Ontario MFM polandry couple SEEKING male

    We're still looking for the third piece in a MFM relationship / polyandry New York / Ontario based... mostly in Ottawa and upper new york on a monthly basis... 27 F 34 M - straight website design, xbox, wii, traveling, business marketing are both our hobbies and pass times salesforce and...
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    Caught up in my Feelings...

    hey It's not the best idea to be getting involved or in the middle. The best is to let them work it out and be around indirectly (mediator in some cases). I would avoid letting someone hide at your place. Its running from the problems.
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    Ontario FF seeks M for triad

    hmm wouldn't every guy sign up for a FF :D :) its socially reinforced as "cool", right? heheheh
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    New and still figuring this out...

    Emotions I don't think it best to "act normal" when things are new... you should be excited... I think it's just being conscious of how it influences the others and adjusting to express it in the right way...
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    Ontario FF seeks M for triad

    Kinky I thought my MMF was a bit rare... but kinky! hope you both find what you seek...
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    Single Straight Male seeks woman or couple.

    hmmm Did you find what you seek?
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    M seeking MMF

    Mmf MMF.... Did you find what you seek?
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    Texas with Wings You can always use a plane to go places, right? :)
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    Colorado Couple seeks Bi-Female Soulmate

    ultimate flaw the ultimate flaw in Colorado is the fact that the flight paths for planes are annoying and it's not convenient to fly to all the time love the white water rafting!
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    My wife's boyfriend?

    hmmm Then she values you .... but hasn't communicated on her own needs...
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    mono spouse feelings...

    my guy feels the same way My guy feels the same way...
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    New events?

    sure individual meetups in watertown
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    Looking for Brother/Husband

    team up You should team up with myself on this one... lol ontario and new york based
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    NNJ ( NYC area ) area or Saratoga Springs area

    cool New York is one of my favor states... !
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    Colorado Couple seeks Bi-Female Soulmate

    Colorado Colorado was one of my favourite states. Lots of military there.
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    Single Male in Eat Tennessee seeking Relationship

    hmm What do people in tennesseeee doooo with most of their time? I don't know much about the state, or having traveled there recently.... new york my main hang out PA anything around there