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  1. greenearthal

    And then there was this music video, and all of a sudden

    I had a hunch that some folks here might appreciate this: amiright?
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    My Rap Name is Alex

    So far so good still. Deep breath. One day at a time. Also, my band and I just came out with a new CD and music video. I'm not totally sure about how I feel about being on YouTube in my bathrobe, but nobody MADE me do it I guess. It does kinda capture our silliness...
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    My Rap Name is Alex

    me rapping with the band called Gruvology Last Saturday I was a part of an amazing show with amazing musicians where we raised money for a great cause and got to see an old friend who had been away too long and played music into the we hours of the morning and I even got to rock bare feet for a...
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    Worrying about my new girlfriend

    What would prevent her from fully "have"ing you? Does she mean exclusively?
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    Here is an old blog post of mine that references this topic:
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    My Rap Name is Alex

    Awww. <3
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    Dating As A Poly Single

    I have been a single poly for about a year. I am very openly poly and my life seems to involve and endless succession of monogamous women who seem to be generally interested in me "except for the polyamorous thing" and sometimes "except for the overacheiver thing"
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    My Rap Name is Alex

    This was at a different show. Fun times. (photo:Mike Mulley) This picture was taken at the end of a song called Othering the Horny. Basically the chorus goes "the Horny people should die, all of the horny people should die. There's one little fact in the great big world which nobody can...
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    My Rap Name is Alex

    On Saturday I think me and my band performed in front of our largest audience to date. (Possibly second largest, but I'm guessing largest). This is the only photo we have that gives any indication of the crowd, and this angle just shows a small fraction. It was easily over a thousand people...
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    *flumox* (2)
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    :mad: How dare you, sir! :mad:
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    Sorry. I'll try to keep my sense of... "humor?" under better control. Just seemed like a more interesting direction to take than 100 posts in harmonic agreement about how much we love this place and the diversity of opinion and such. I throw myself on the mercy of the court.
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    I totally disagree with everything you have said. In particular the part about you wanting to say thanks. What makes you think you have any insight into what you want? Furthermore, I'm just highly offended and now I'm going to go to bed angry.
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    The Rare Life

    Hopefully you've managed to get to sleep, and hopefully you'll wake up with a bit more distance from yesterday. And then hopefully mutually beneficial resolutions will blossom from the roots that you both have been so dutifully spreading out.
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    still polyamorous today. *nod* yep.

    exactly. I feel very fortunate to be able to be out about it. So I try to be as out as I can without proselytizing. Or... actually I don't care if I end up proselytizing so I suppose I am as out as I can be without being um... annoyingly preachy?
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    still polyamorous today. *nod* yep.

    is my current facebook status. Seems kinda strange to have the ability to just randomly mumble something to 600 people at once. Hopefully someone learned a new word. And I get to explain myself to fewer people going forward.
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    NY Polys?

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    Imagine your ideal relationships.

    So excellent! I would nominate that as a front page article. Append an intro and concluding paragraph and I would go to read it often.
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    Activism - a positive impression

    So if I showed up at your door and was all like "HOLY CRAP MAN THEY ARE TOTALLY POISONING ALL OF THE WATER TABLES!! But don't you worry. I got some GUNS! AND WE ARE TOTALLY GONNA GO %^&*^ THESE %^&*$ UP!! ARE YOU WITH ME MAN???" You would lose respect for me? Fine. I see how you are.